You’re an Overcomer

Thinking of quitting?

Thinking of giving up?

Feeling hopeless?

Watch this:


Did you watch it?  The whole way through?  If not, you won’t get as much out of this post so please take a few minutes and watch it.  It’s powerful!

If you did watch it, good.

I have something to say.  Sometimes, life is going to be rough.  Sometimes,  you are going to ask yourself, “God, where are you?”  Sometimes you are going to want to give up and quit.  Sometimes, you are going to want to sit down and eat an entire chocolate cake.

Don’t do it.  ANY of it.

I can tell you, He is there.  He is right there with you.  Whatever you are going through, He sees you and He hears you.  There is a lesson to be learned and there is hope at the end!  You-are-an-overcomer!

Hang in there.  It WILL get better.

For me, lately, I have had to remind myself of this so many times.  God is there, right with me.  He is in control of my life and my finances, and my job, and my relationships, and my weight loss, and my choices and my future.  He has got me and my life in the palm of His hand.  I just need to trust him.

How about you?  Do you need to remind yourself who is ultimately in control?  Do you need to remind yourself who to ask for help?  Do you need to give some things up to Him so you can grow and get better?  I know I sure do!

Are you holding back from doing something because you might fail?  Do it.

Are you NOT taking the risk because it might not work out?  Take the risk.

You can overcome anything!

If you are looking for a sign this is it

How are things going?  I know I have been a bit MIA lately.  Our last day of school is tomorrow and for the past week or so, it has been like herding cats.  Fun herding cats though.  Fifth grade is a different animal.  I am looking forward to summer for many reasons, one of which is I will be posting more!  I hope to get back to vlogging and updating you on my progress.  My life has been crazy and busy and wonderful and so many things have been happening that I need to catch you up on.

BTW- I wrote this post as much for me as for you!  I hope you enjoyed it because I certainly needed it!

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Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.