Why Weight Watchers?

weight-watchers-points-plus-300x981.jpgI have been bombarded lately with “other” diet plans.  They are VERY tempting.

While watching Dr. Oz the other day, he was talking about the good and the bad of the HCG diet.  You take these shots that make you not feel hungry because you use the fat stored in the body.  You can also buy drops over the Internet but they are leery about those because you don’t know how much of the hcg hormone you are actually getting in those drops.  On the Dr. Oz show, they claimed you would lose a pound a day.  Wow, a pound a day, I am there!

Another diet I have heard a lot about is the Medifast diet.  Someone very near and dear to my heart is doing this diet and having tremendous success with it.  You buy their pre-packaged food and eat that along with one meal a day.  People are losing weight fast following this diet plan.  Lose weight fast, I am there!

On the radio, they are constantly talking about Healthe Trim and getting “High school skinny!”  You take these pills and eat the same way you always have and you will lose weight.  Wait just a minute, you mean Healthy Trim can help me weigh 125 again, like in high school?  I am there!

Ok, now you all know I am a die hard Weight Watchers fan so no, I am not “there” with those other diet plans.  But, I would be lying if I told you those plans are not very tempting to try especially with my current “plateau” on Weight Watchers.  With the lure of those “other” plans, you might say, “Why Weight Watchers?”  Here are my reasons why I am choosing to stay with Weight Watchers over switching to some of these “faster” weight loss programs.

Cost –

  • The average Weight Watcher member pays $39.99 a month which includes meetings, accountability, and e-tools, the fabulous online resource.
  • If you really want to be successful on the HCG diet, according to the Dr. Oz show, you need to get the shots from a physician.  The average cost from a physician for a month of shots is anywhere from $70.00 all the way up to $200 a month plus the cost of the doctors visit which insurance may not cover.
  • The average month on Medifast will cost you an average of $300 a month (there are coupons out there that will bring this cost down a little bit).
  • You can purchase a bottle (30 pills) of Healthe Trim for $69.90.  The problem is, if you are supposed to take two capsules, twice a day, you will need two bottles making the monthly cost $109.90.

When comparing cost, Weight Watchers is the way to go!

Support –

  • Weight Watchers gives you weekly support at meetings.  You get weighed in by an actual person, face to face.  You get helpful information and encouragement from a Weight Watcher leader and you get support and encouragement from other members in your Weight Watcher group.  Some leaders even have a Facebook page for daily encouragement and help.
  • As far as I know, the HCG diet does not offer any support.  If you are getting shots from a physician, you might get asked once a month how it is going.  I think there are also some online groups you can chat with and get support from people online.  As far as face to face interaction, it’s not going to happen with this diet.
  • Again, Medifast is an online dieting program.  I do know there is an online community that is very supportive to one another.  No face to face support or interaction.
  • Healthe Trim – Again, no face to face interaction or support.  There are “coaches” you can call to ask questions.  There is a blog that you can get some recipes and ideas from but as far as I can tell, there is not much support with this diet.

In terms of support, I choose Weight Watchers

Weight Loss –

  • The average person on Weight Watchers loses between a pound to two pounds a week.  This is considered a “healthy” weight loss according to research.
  • The average person on HCG diet loses 26-40 pounds in a 40 day period.  That is around 0.8 pounds a day!  Now, do they keep it off?  I can’t find much research to prove they keep off the weight years later.  I am sure there are some people that do.  My concern would be eating “real” food and not taking the shots.
  • The average person on Medifast will lose anywhere from 2-5 pounds per week.
  • The only evidence of weight loss I could find when googled for Healthe Trim said their participants lost an average of 2.43 pounds per month.  Wow, that is not very much.  Of course, they say you can eat like you have always eaten and still lose weight.

In terms of weight loss, I choose the slow and steady Weight Watcher method.

Calorie Restrictions –

  • Weight Watchers customizes the calories to fit your current weight.  No one eats under 1200 calories a day.  Anything under that is not supposed to be healthy.
  • HCG- This diet restricts you to only 500 calories a day.  Also, they are very limited on the foods you can eat and it is not much.
  • Medifast-This diet limits you to eating only 800 calories a day of pre-packaged foods with one meal chosen by you per day.  This one meal consists of lean meat and green vegetables only.
  • Healthe Trim-They do not limit what you eat just the amount of caffeine you drink.  This is why they don’t see great weight loss results.

In terms of calories, I will go with Weight Watchers which is tailored individually for healthy weight loss and where I can eat REAL food.

Now that you know the facts, you can make a wise decision for YOU and your weight loss journey.  I know of people who have tried each of these diets and have been successful on them.  They have their own reasons for choosing the diet they chose and I respect them for doing something, anything to get healthy.

For ME, I choose Weight Watchers.  I choose slow and steady, I choose support, I choose low cost, and I choose to keep it off for the rest of my life.  Which do you choose and why?

Photo proof that Weight Watchers works:

Atlanta Journal Constitution Weight Loss Success Story

Photo Published in the AJC

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