What’s Up – July 2013 Edition

And now…another episode of random thoughts by Jenn…

My house smells like chocolate.  I have made 24 chocolate cupcakes for a party tomorrow celebrating this new family:

Zajac Family

My best friend Kristen had two children from a previous marriage and her husband just adopted them yesterday!  It was so special to be a part of this with them.  She is so very lucky to have found him and he is very lucky to have found them!  They are throwing a big adoption party tomorrow with a big blow up waterslide and everything.  She was worried she wouldn’t have enough cake so I offered to make cupcakes.  Yumm-o!

I also just made brownies for our new neighbors.  I don’t ever do that.  I am more like a Klopek.  I go in my garage, shut the door, and try not to make eye contact with any of our neighbors. I did chat with our neighbor immediately next door and this week, he moved back home to Louisiana.  Now, we have new neighbors.  When we open our blinds in our bedroom, we can practically touch the side of their house.  With them being THAT close, I thought I should at least introduce myself, “Hi!  I am Jen your neighbor and I am a weight loss blogger.  Here, have some brownies!”  That makes sense, right?  But, hey, the alternative is, “Hi!  I am Jen your neighbor and I am a weight loss blogger.  Here, have some carrots and celery!”  No thanks!  My husband wants to take them a case of beer (Blue Moon) and an orange.  We will see which gift they enjoy more (I would like the brownies better and Jason would like the beer better!)

I didn’t go to weigh in at Weight Watchers today.  I could tell you that I was too busy and had too much to do (which is partly correct) but instead of feeding you full of B.S., I will tell you the truth.  This week I have not counted my Weight Watchers points plus like I should.  I have not stepped on the scale either.  I feel ok but I KNOW I didn’t lose weight and I am not sure if I gained or not.  I needed a break, mentally and I took one.  I allowed myself to have dessert a few times and we ate more than I would like.  After this weekend, I am back on track.  I will be too busy to eat badly after this weekend is over.

Speaking of being busy…I am headed back into school on Monday.  I technically don’t have to go back until July 31, a week from Wednesday.  However, with changing classrooms and going into a grade level I have never taught before, I need to have a sense of control and right now, the only thing I have control over is what my classroom looks like.  So…I am going in on Monday to start setting up and getting things looking cute!

Having been in the computer lab for the past four years, I forgot how much money classroom teachers spend!  I have spent around $100 so far just on getting things to decorate my room.  I am going with a bright color theme.  I have had a jungle theme for the past 10 years and it is time for something new.  I have a classroom community called “Swaffyville” so I am going to make my room very “Seussville – ish”  I will post some pics of it when I finish!

No more school talk…

I am white.  I am usually a nice golden brown color at this point in the summer.  I am whiter than I have ever been at the end of the summer.  But…

I am fit.  I am fitter than I have every been at the end of the summer.  I think I would rather be fit than tan.

My friend Kristen is giving me two visits for a spray tan because I was complaining yesterday about how white I am.  Hopefully I won’t end up orange.  That would be attractive to start the school year!  “Hi.  I am Mrs. Swafford, your new teacher.  Yes, I am orange but at least I am not white.”

Last random rambling for today…

I have posted a bunch of photos lately with two cute new headbands on my head.  I wanted to tell you about this new headband company, 6 Dollar Bands.  They make the same no-slip headbands as other companies but for so much cheaper…only $6 a band.  They also have $8 headbands too.  I am wearing my favorite one in this picture:

6 Dollar Bands Zebra Stripe

This one used to be my favorite until my friend Kristen “borrowed” it and I have not gotten it back.

6 dollar bands pink

Actually, she had it on the other day and I commented that I was glad she was enjoying my headband!  I guess I will let her keep that one even though I LOVE it too!

Go check out their website and order a headband.

Happy Friday!  I hope you all have a relaxing, restful weekend!  What are your plans?

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Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Kim

    I used to work at a school and a lot of my friends that are teachers have been coming to my summer boot camp. They all go back the first whole week in August – crazy how fast this summer has gone!!!

  • http://www.tatlockstruth.blogspot.com/ Shannon Tatlock

    I will definitely check this place out! Thanks for mentioning it!

  • Stacey GetsitGraded Black

    Hi Jennifer! The summer has gone by so fast and we start back in just 2 short weeks! I have loved reading all about your crossfit journey and I hope to try out some crossfit after I’m cleared with my knee doctor. Anyways, I was wondering if the 6 Dollar Bands were as good as the sweaty bands? I have a $30 sweaty band thanks to you:) and I love it! But a $6 one? Unbelievable! Good luck getting your classroom ready! I will be working in mine soon enough!