Weight Loss Success Story: Mama Laughlin

A weight loss success story on a Tuesday!  YES!  I couldn’t wait to share this guest post with you.  I LOVE Mama Laughlin’s blog.  She is one of my all time favorite bloggers.  She makes me laugh all the time and she is so freakin’ stylish and cute!  She has lost A LOT of weight, is a new runner and I am loving her posts!  I hope you enjoy her Success Story and you MUST check out her blog!  You will LOVE her as much as I do!


Hi there It Sux to be Fat friends!  My name is Brandi and I write over at a little blog called Mama Laughlin.  I am a mom of two young boys ages 3 and 1. And I know first hand just how much it Sux to be Fat!

Weight Loss Success Story Mama Laughlin's Before and After

I wasn’t always fat. I was actually pretty thin in high school. I played volleyball and softball and remained around 135 lbs. up until I graduated. I am 5’6, so this was a good weight for me.

I never ate well growing up, though. I’d leave volleyball practice and hit up McDonalds drive thru for a a Big Mac meal. Supersized of course.  I never HAD to eat well. I worked out every day and never gained weight. I was very active, and I LOVED junk food.

Then I graduated and the weight crept on.

I met my husband in 2002 weighing in at 135 lbs.  Married him 6 years later at 185 lbs.  Six months later we were pregnant. And when I delivered my baby on 09.09.09 I weighed 220 lbs.  That pregnancy was ROUGH. I had blood pressure issues, swelling, I couldn’t sleep, I was exhausted all the time, I couldn’t stand for long periods of time, and I snored like a mad woman.

Then, at my 6 week postpartum checkup when I weighed 198 lbs., I decided it was time to change my life.
I didn’t want to be the mom that let herself go.

I wanted to be fit and healthy. I wanted to wear my skinny jeans from high school. I wanted to feel good about myself.

So I set out to lose 60 lbs.  It took me nearly a year, but I did it. By eating right and moving my body.  No magic pill. No crash diets. Just good old fashioned hard work.

Mama Laughlin after losing 60 pounds

I counted my calories and I ran. And ran some more.

And it sucked.

I remember the first time I attempted to run I was reduced to tears. I could feel everything on my body jiggle with each step I made and it HURT. It hurt physically, but more so emotionally. I couldn’t believe what I’d done to myself. How far I’d let it get. I was disappointed and embarrassed. But that motivated me even more. I wanted to prove to myself that I could lose the weight. That I could do it the right way. I knew it wasn’t going to be easy. I knew it was going to suck. But I knew I could do it. I was determined.

In the process of losing those 60 lbs., I found myself again.

I also found a passion for running. Something I never thought I’d love, or could even do.

In 2011 I got pregnant again with my second child and had a much easier pregnancy with him.

Weight Loss Success Story Mama Laughlin Pregnant

I was at a healthy weight to begin with and continued to eat right and workout throughout my pregnancy.  I ran, lifted weights, and took classes. If anything, it helped me sleep better at night.  On my delivery day with my second son in November of 2011, I weighed 183 lbs.  That is less than I weighed PRE-PREGNANCY with my first child.

The weight came off a little harder the second time, but I had a lot less to lose.

Weight Loss Success Story Mama Laughlin losing weight after the baby

I ran my first ever half marathon at 5 months postpartum with my second child.  And as I entered the chute of that run, where I did not walk ONCE, I felt the most overwhelming feeling of accomplished pour over me. Tears filled my eyes as I thought of all I’d been through and how far I’d come.

Mama Laughlin after running her first half marathon

I’d just ran 13.1 miles. When 3 years prior I couldn’t even run a single mile.

I’d come a long way. I had two beautiful children, and I weighed what I did when I met my husband.

I was proud.

I am still a work in progress and have about 10 lbs. I want to lose, but I am in no hurry.  I eat right and move my body. I continue to run and plan on running a full marathon this year.

This journey has changed me from the inside out.

It has made me a better wife and mother. It has made me more confident and secure in my own body.

I wore a bikini last summer for the first time in over 8 years. Yes, I have stretch marks, and I don’t have a perfect body, but I’ve worked hard for the one I have, and I’m proud of that.

Isn’t she awesome?!?  I told you that you would love her story!

To read more about Mama Laughlin, check out her blog or follow her on Facebook or Pinterest.

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