Weight Loss Success Story: Sarah DeArmond

Happy Sunday!  I am back with another fabulous success story!  Sarah has lost an amazing 61 pounds!!  Here is her before and after picture: Not only did she lose the weight but she also lost her risk of being diabetic and her anxiety!  In return, she now lives a MUCH healthier life! I know you […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Rashell Conway

Today’s success story is a beautiful lady named Rashell.  She has gone from having high blood pressure and cholesterol; taking numerous medications; borderline diabetetic and looking like this: To this: 137 pounds gone FOREVER!  Not to mention no more diabetes, high blood pressure or medications!  AMAZING! She is now living the life she has always […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Brooke Birmingham

I am back from the beach.  I am working on giving you all the details of my week on another post because I could not wait to share today’s success story with you! I found Brooke through the blog world and started reading her blog Brooke:  Not on a Diet! She is a huge inspiration […]

Weight Loss Success Story: My Dad

Happy Father’s Day from Destin, Florida!  We made it safely to the beach yesterday after spending some time with the hubby’s dad and stepmom on our way for Father’s Day. Speaking of Father’s Day, do you remember back in Elementary school where you would have disagreements with your friends and you would go back and […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Donesha Bolden

I am so excited to share Donesha’s weight los success story with you today! Donesha used to weigh 215 pounds.  Now, she weighs 142 pounds.  She now looks like this: 73 pounds gone for good!  Doesn’t she look amazing!  She is a fellow teacher who lives in Atlanta!  She was featured in our local Atlanta […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Kim Lawson

Today’s success story is someone who decided to give Weight Watchers online a try.  Her name is Kim and she started Weight Watchers weighing in at 212 pounds. A year later, she had successfully lost 60 pounds and lives a much healthier life: Not only did she lose 60 pounds, she also lost some knee […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Cherie Steffen

Today’s success story comes from another blogger, Cherie.  She blogs over at Cherie Runs This. She has successfully lost 85 pounds and has adopted a whole new lifestyle with healthy eating and exercise. This is who she USED to be: Check her out now: Isn’t she a knockout?!?  Wow!  You are going to love her […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Stacey Black

Today I would like for you to meet Stacey. Oh wait…not THAT Stacey. Not 300 pound Stacey.  This Stacey: 120 pounds lighter Stacey! Doesn’t she look incredible?!?  Her story is so similar to mine it is like I am reading about myself.  See if you can find the similarities in our stories!  Enjoy! Tell us […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Rebecca McDonald

Rebecca started her weight loss journey weighing 290 pounds. She has lost a whopping 100 pounds! She had a HUGE motivation – her daughter. She didn’t want her daughter to be made fun of because her mom was overweight. Rebecca took matters into her own hands and did something about it. Now, 100 pounds lighter, […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Kathryn Weiland

Close your eyes.  Go back to the days of high school.  Remember those days?  For some of us, those were very happy memories.  For others, very sad memories. Were you ever bullied?  I was.  It was either my sophomore or junior year.  One entire Math class, I was harassed by a kid younger than me who repeated […]