Scale Addiction

Hi, my name is Katherine, and I am a scale addict.

Do you ever feel like saying this aloud sometimes? Do you ever wonder if you can skip a day of weighing or do you feel like you just have to know that number? Do you ever feel like your scale is calling your name?


I have this serious addiction to my scale and I would like to feel differently about it but I’m not sure how. On the support boards I see these people that just weigh weekly. That’s right, they step on their scale just one time, one day a week. I so wish that could be me. Then there are some that say they weight just once a month. I don’t know if I believe them or not. That one is just totally not realistic for me. But if I could only weigh once a week……

I have noticed in this addiction that when I am doing well on an eating plan, my addiction is much worse. If I start avoiding the scale for a couple/few days, I have not been solidly eating well on said eating plan. So, my question is, is this a good thing or a bad thing?

I think it could be good or bad. I have pretty much come to the conclusion that if I just weigh once a day to make sure that I am on track and can handle the fluid fluctuations than it can be a good thing for tracking my weight loss patterns.

Now, how it turns into a bad thing. When I start weighing multiple times a day to obsessively see the scale go up or down and if it dictates my moods, then it is definitely a bad thing!!


I remember a few years ago, I got so frustrated with how many times a day I was weighing, I gave my scales to my sister. She had them for a while. I don’t even really remember if I was on an eating plan at the time. I do know that I felt kind of lost without them and I contemplated going to buy new ones. I eventually got that scale back.

I have come to realize that I do better with a set of scales in the house, I just wish sometimes I used them a little less. I am going to challenge myself that in the next few weeks, I am only going to weigh once a week and that day is going to be on Friday!!

On to more pressing issues…Eating challenges! I have many coming up soon. My oldest daughter’s birthday is today. My husband’s birthday is Friday. I have my daughter’s birthday party with her friends on Friday night, then her and my husbands joint family birthday party on Saturday, a Halloween party Saturday night, and a fall festival with my church on Sunday. Whew, I am just tired thinking about all of that. Can I fit anything else into that weekend?

I have a plan. I am going to just stay on my eating plan and avoid the junk. It will be hard but if I make up my mind before hand, I can do it. I will do this and I will be successful!

As of right now, I am down 37 pounds. I know I wanted to be down 50 pounds by Halloween. Yeah, that’s not going to happen. But……I believe that I will be able to be down between 40-45. I’m stoked about that because I am starting to feel much better in my clothes and things are starting to become easier. I can go up the stairs in my house much, much quicker now!! I love that!!

Ok, so a recap… I’m not going to weigh as often as I have been. I am going to lose several more pounds before Halloween to get to 40-45 pounds. And I am going to stay away from all of the party junk this weekend so I can be successful with my eating goals. I will let you all know next week how I did with my goals. Yeah!!

Do you have any holiday parties coming up? If you do, how do you plan for your success?


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

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  • Wendy

    Thank God I am not stuck to the scale, I can do once a week and be good with it! Good Luck this weekend! I am dreading the holiday season parties…… :-(

  • Jenny

    Hi Katherine! Just make sure that maybe you have something similar but healthy with you to eat at those same times…this has worked for me everytime I have a party. So, if for example you have like one of those snack bars from your plan just heat it up and eat it…you´ll be eating healthy but you won´t be watching everybody eat (which would of course make it worse). Take healthy snacks with you, like hummus and celery, or fruit and some nuts. Make sure you plan ahead and take all your healthy food with you. That way you´ll be satisfied. Just a tip that has been awesome for me! Still, remember all these ocassions call for spending time with the people you love, so focus on that! :D

  • Erika Newlyweds

    I used to weigh myself once a week but I feel I have more accountability when I weigh myself daily. Although you do have to take fluctuations into account. only do it once a day though! i always do it in the morning, right after I pee, and I’m naked. Best time, imo.

  • Jessica Hartman

    I literally keep my hands busy at parties – because if I start, I won’t stop. So I put them in my pockets, carry a clutch instead of a purse that I set down, wear a huge chunky bracelet to fidget with…all very physical barriers!

  • Lynne

    I have gone from a 14 to a 6 this year. I don’t have any idea what I weigh. It has been freeing! Hypnosis worked for me – It really is all in your mind!

  • runfromthecouch

    Right now I’m avoiding the scale… I have not done myself any favors this month. Your post really speaks to me because when I’m successful… I love my scale… Right now I’m avoiding it like I do mirrors.

  • Debby H

    I totally get it!!! I do weigh myself every day. First thing in the morning in the bathroom before I get in the shower. I used to do it multiple times a day, but I quickly put a stop to that!!!!

  • Janice

    ABSOLUTELY ADDICT. i tot im alone, but at least i know i am not.
    I see my scale every day before to sleep and after shower.

  • aimee

    I to wiegh myself every day. I like to see how I have done the day before even on my cheat day. I also have to tell myself that muscle wieghs more than fat. It keeps me acountable for what I have done.

  • Vicky Fountain

    Oh sister, I posted something almost identical to this on my own blog a few weeks ago! I am another serious scale addict. When I stopped and really thought about WHY I do it… I figure it’s just another aspect of our addictive/controlling personalities (the same personality that makes us try to control our lives/happiness/feelings with food). Will I gain 5 lbs by not stepping on the scale? Of course not. I’ll gain weight if I make bad lifestyle choices. Why are we so afraid to simply not know our weight on any given day? Sigh.

  • Tracy Portal

    I think we all struggle with challenges in life generally and can get obsessed with things like weighing. It’s definitely good to get into the habit of setting goals but not to beat ourselves up when we don’t always achieve them. Trying to get into the habit of doing some exercise, taking a supplement and snacking on fruit, seeds and nuts instead of unhealthy snacks can really help keep blood sugar on an even keel and prevent binging on high fat and sugar stuff. I find setting aside some time for a little 10 minute meditation a few times a week helps too!

  • LaDelle Ganter

    Here this might help you…Knowing when it’s time to get off the scale…
    Do you constantly think of the scale?

    It cannot talk yet it speaks to you. Some days it makes you happy with delight. Other days it puts you into a deep depression. It judges you on a superficial level. The thought of it is enough to worry even the most optimistic person. What am I talking about? The horrid bathroom scale!

    What is with the obsession we have with the scale? For most people, the scale can be an friend or a enemy, depending on the day. We often hate what it says or argue with it, but we still feel the desire to use it. When used properly and taken for what it is, it can actually be a very useful tool for weight management. But for many, the scale does more than measure the total weight of all your various parts….It somehow defines who you are as a person. And sadly, it can determine your own self worth and determine your day, making for a healthy food filled day or a right out binge. We read way too much into this single purposed tool letting it control us.