Losing Weight During and After College

Hello everyone!

Goodness it has been too long since my last blog post. Can you tell I have been very busy spreading my Sparkle and loving it?! I love helping my clients change and watching them get healthy is beyond words! My Sparkle clients have lost over 251 pounds! WOO HOO! Two of my sweet clients, who are sisters, have contributed to this staggering number! Each Monday they bring me such joy each time I talk to them! Their precious voices on the phone brighten my entire day! I just love working with people of all ages as it provides me with insight to their challenges and triumphs. My sparkle girls Rebecca (college girl) and Kristina (young professional) keep me busy strategizing as they have so many events and activities each week! I love hearing about all the fun and crazy times they have and boy do I wish I was in my 20’s again! (Actually my kids say I act like I am!)

One thing the girls and I have in common is that I was overweight in college too and was not feeling good about myself. College was fun but inside I was not happy because of my outside. It seemed all the skinny minny girls surrounded me like pencils! I over compensated with my dazzling personality so no one really thought I was unhappy. However, I felt huge, fluffy and my best friends were Ben & Jerry! And occasionally, Sara Lee would be there too for my pity party!

Even though I was an adult, I had no idea what healthy eating was or what a portion looked like or what amount of food I needed for a day. All I knew was that you ate what you wanted, when you wanted. So I just ate and ate and then felt bad, then I would eat again, then feel worse and then call Dominos! Remember how fast they could be at your apartment??!! Good old days!

So, when I get the wonderful opportunity to work with a young lady, I get SUPER excited because it allows me teach them, encourage them and guide them on what good choices look like. Their parents have tried and support them diligently but often times, a non objective person is what is needed. I am not their mom, I am their healthy eating coach. (BTW…Their mom, ROCKS!) Yes, there is a big difference and they are both making AMAZING changes! Just read for yourself:

My name is Rebecca I am 21 years old and have been overweight for all of my adult life. I have tried many times to lose weight and have continually been unsuccessful. I would do great for a week or two and then lose interest. As of recently, I started Sparkle with Jacynta and have loved her program. Being in college makes dieting awkward and not easy. I have events all the time and food is the focus. I have learned to eat at regular times and to plan better so I can stay in control. I used to never think ahead and just go with the flow, but now I am SO much more mindful and that’s really helping me! See everyone in college is on a “diet” but that doesn’t mean anyone eats healthy. Over the last few weeks Jacynta has taught me how to look at the bigger picture and think about how what I do and eat affects my overall life. I am thankful to have her help me look this different with hard work in a month. And the best part is that I’m losing weight and feeling great!! I tried on this dress and it fits SO much better!! Pretty soon I won’t be able to wear it at all and that will be a GREAT thing!

Rebecca Before and After Pictures

Rebecca’s sister…

My name is Kristina and I am 25 years old. I was always a skinny girl that could eat anything I wanted and then college hit. And boy did it hit hard. I did gain the Freshman 15, and then the Sophomore 15, and then the Junior 15, and then the Senior 15, and I think it finally slowed in Graduate school. It was a gradual gain but I still felt out of control of my body. I wasn’t eating a ton but I was definitely making the most unhealthy choices. Nothing for dinner and then a milkshake and chili cheese tots for a midnight snack. I would attempt to diet and get things back under control but I found it too hard to fit my life into a diet. In college, nothing is consistent, every day is a new adventure and that’s a beautiful thing- but not for meal planning. I tried and failed several times and then just gave up with the hopes that I would get it together after college and life was a little more routine.

When I got home from school and all the college dust settled (Read: the real world blues set in) I still wasn’t losing weight. I was definitely making healthier choices (and no more midnight snacks) but the weight wasn’t just melting off like I had hoped. I met Jacynta and knew there was something magic about her-maybe a little sparkle?!? But, just meeting her wasn’t enough. I still wasn’t ready to admit that I had a poor relationship with food and make the necessary changes. After being an “adult” for a full year, I decided it was really time. Everyone my age is going out on the weekends and searching for a husband or hanging out with friends and I just kept feeling like my weight was holding me back. After reaching my highest weight ever on the scale, I called Jacynta and asked for help. I am ready to start living my life and not watch it pass me by. My job provides a lot of food challenges for me so having Jacynta by my side has been crucial. I am an event coordinator and all my events involve food in some capacity. Jacynta has helped me learn how to be prepared. I know before I head off to a happy hour that I should indulge in a little hummus and carrots, something that feels special to me, and that at the happy hour, I should always keep a drink in my hand. If my hands are occupied then they can’t be grabbing food. I have such a new approach to events and being prepared and successful! Jacynta has helped me lose almost 15 pounds!

Sparkle Sisters Losing Weight

Aren’t they just the CUTEST!!

No matter what your challenges are, no matter if you are young or not so young, no matter what life brings you, YOU CAN change & YOU CAN learn better ways to manage events, and YOU CAN be a success!

Rebecca’s word for 2014 is JOY! And she brings joy to all those around her! As she sheds each pound, I can see and her JOY get more evident!

Kristina’s word for 2014 is CONFIDENCE! And she has gained SO much more of it by shedding each pound and regaining her control. She can climb mountains and hike for hours!

So stay tuned, because you will be seeing less and less of these Sparkle Sisters and more and more changes!!

Thanks girls for allowing me to help make a positive impact on your lives! I adore you both and I will forever be blessed for knowing you!

Now, let’s go SPARKLE!!


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