Goodbye 2016!

Happy New Year!  I am having a killer New Year’s Eve watching my baby sleep on the monitor and FINALLY writing a blog post!  I hope your evening is a little more exciting than mine (but secretly, there is nowhere else I would rather be)!!!

Let’s talk about 2016 for a minute.

It rocked!  Seriously, it was amazing in almost ALL aspects of life!

First, let’s talk about the obvious…

Delaney Grace is the coolest human being to ever walk crawl the planet…(we are working on that walking thing).  Seriously, to see her grow and change and develop her little …er I mean…HUGE personality is so cool.  She is so opinionated and knows exactly what she wants and lets us know exactly what she wants.  She babbles non stop and has so much to say…she can’t understand why we don’t know what she is saying.  She finally has grown hair and it will certainly be curly when it decides to come in more.  Her blue eyes mesmerize everyone who sees her!  Thank goodness for those blue eyes!  She is happy most of the time and loves to wave at people in any store!

My job is going great!  I went back to work in January after a long 5 months off and got right back in the swing of things!  I had an amazing lady to take care of Delaney while I was at work so I felt very blessed to have that option!  Jason’s job is great and we are very thankful that he has a job that he enjoys and he is so helpful to others!

We went on a few vacations this year and ended up at the beach TWICE!  First, we went to Hilton Head this summer with my family and then I took Jason on a surprise trip to Destin for his 40th birthday just this month!


Jen, Delaney and Jason at the beach

Like I said, we are very blessed to have such a great year!

Other than that, this year, I was PRESENT most times I was with Delaney.  Working full time gives me limited time to be with her and when I am, all I want to do is BE with her.  This means chasing her around nonstop, playing on the floor, reading books, feeding her and just BEING with her.  Unfortunately, other things in my life have been put on the back burner because of this.  The biggest of all being my health and weight.  I have let myself gain quite a bit over the last year by not cooking dinner, eating out, eating crap and not taking time to exercise.  I did great over the summer with 21DayFix but then, after work started back, I let myself go.  None of my clothes fit me anymore and I can’t wear anything in my closet or drawers except the few things I have bought in the last few months.

It is time.

It is time to put my health back as a priority and get some of this weight off.  I am guessing I am around 255 now.  That is purely a guess but I will find out on Monday when I do my initial weigh in.  I WANT 2017 to be a year of being PRESENT with Delaney but also taking time for ME and MY health.  My husband and I both are in agreement about this!  It is so much easier when everyone in the house is on the same page!

So, here’s to 2017 and a year of health and happiness!  How was your 2016?  When you reflect back on your year, what is the one thing you are thankful for?

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