Good out of the Bad

WOW! What a wild, crazy and scary two days in Atlanta. We just experienced a SNOWJAM 2014 and it was quite challenging for a lot of people. My family was able to all get home safely and we were very grateful. But, we know many were not as blessed as reports of people sleeping in cars, walking miles in the frigid cold, kids having to stay overnight at school, mamas desperately trying to pick up babies from daycare, people working double shifts totally exhausted, a baby delivered in the car with the help of her husband and her two kids, and so many more.

What amazed me the most, was how people truly came together to help each other and some were complete strangers aiding other strangers. Among the scary times were many real life heroes emerging. So much GOOD came out the BAD. Here are just a few cool stories that I know about–gosh…I get goosebumps just writing them.

There were people opening up their home for anyone to come eat a potluck. One of the Kroger stores served lunch to people who were stranded. Trader Joes freely gave people bars, coffee or whatever they needed. Teachers and administrators stayed with their students until each and everyone of them returned home safely.

And then, there were the valiant bus drivers safely getting children home through the treacherous conditions. One special lady in particular was Cathy. She left her house at 6:20am Tuesday for her morning run. Snow started at 11am and school’s started letting out. She drove until midnight and managed to get ALL of her bus runs done, all her kids safely home. Cathy finally got home at 2am but not before she had to abandon her car and walk home. She loves her kids and said they were all great, I would argue that SHE IS GREAT!

Another story was my friend Caroline. she was stranded and a stranger took her and another stranded lady in for the night!

Then, there was nurse Paula. She worked tirelessly two days straight without stopping and without complaint. Instead, she praised her co-workers for their amazing teamwork. Love her attitude!

Last, was a lady who had the forethought to start a Facebook page for the Snow Jam. This page allowed my friend’s husband to find a place to stay, a sweet family took him at 11:30pm. The page also helped him know the road situation so he could get home today. And, he finally did! ┬áHis family rejoiced!

SO as many complain, criticize and condemn people for what happened, I choose to look at the positive and GOOD aspects of this bad situation. There were countless people encouraging people, praying for people, helping their fellow man (strangers and all) and showing us there is plenty of goodness in this world! How refreshing, how wonderful and how amazing! I challenge each of us to carry on this spirit even after the snow and ice melts away. Who can you encourage, help, and show concern to on a daily basis? When we give off encouragement we receive it back, what a beautiful way to keep yourself and others inspired.

The purpose of human life is to serve and to show compassion, and the will to help others. Albert Schweitzer

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  • Flora Atchison

    Thanks for sharing this! Here in Columbia, SC, the snow didn’t impact us the way it did folks in Atlanta. It’s always nice to know there are people out there who will go out of there way to help those in need.

  • Lauren Gramling

    I love hearing about the GOOD! Can’t beat that southern hospitality! I’m from Oklahoma and we experience the same “coming together” after tornadoes. It’s truly inspiring and wonderful! Puts faith back into humanity!

  • Rachele

    There is always some silver lining to a bad situation:) it was so nice to hear these stories!