Summer 2013 Goals – {Mid Summer Update}

UPDATE:  Summer is over half over!  AGGGGGHHHHH……  Where did it go?  Time truly goes by so fast!  I have really enjoyed my summer and I am ready to tackle the next three weeks to be successful and end the summer on  a good note.  I have updated this post with how I am doing on my goals so look below for all the updates!  

Friday was my first official day of summer vacation.  I woke up early, went to Crossfit where I completed over half of Murph, weighed in at Weight Watchers, and spent the afternoon with my sister and her children.  It was a great day.  It was the perfect start of summer!

At my WW meeting on Friday, Jacynta, my leader, reminded us that the year is half over.  MANY of us made goals and resolutions in January to do something this year.  I claimed this year as MY year to hit lifetime at Weight Watchers.  With the year half over, it is time to assess where I am and what I need to do in order to finish strong.  Wait…you mean it isn’t too late to do what you said you were going to do in January?  Absolutely NOT!  There are still six months left to hit it hard and be successful!  So, take a minute and assess where you are and how you can get to where you want to be in the next six months.

So…here I am now:

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In

I am weighing in at 181.  That is 21 pounds from my goal weight.  Since January, I have lost 8.4 pounds.  If I don’t do something different, there is no way I can double that in the next 6 months.  However, I AM doing something different.  Looking back on some trends from the past six months, here is what I noticed:

January:  I was in a Funk and contemplated quitting and giving up on weight loss.  In January, I actually gained a little bit of weight.

February:  I met with Larry, the Crossfit trainer but did not commit to his plan yet.  I was basically just hovering in February and gained and lost the same few pounds that month.

March:  March is when I decided to commit to eating Paleo and starting to workout with Crossfit.  I started the month weighing in at 191.2 and ended March weighing in at 186.2.  Five pounds down…rock on!

April:  April was Spring Break (maintained) and continuing Crossfit and eating Paleo.  I lost another 3 pounds in April.

May:  This past month, I continued to lose slowly and finished May having lost another 1.4 pounds.

So…if you look just at the last three months where I have really been focused on my eating and working out, I averaged a loss of 3 pounds a month.  If I lose three pounds a month for the next 6 months, 18 pounds.  I will NOT get to Lifetime with Weight Watchers by the time I end the year.  HOWEVER…it isn’t ALL about the scale anymore.  Let’s say I continue with eating healthy and working out for the next six months, how will I FEEL.  I can tell you now, I will feel pretty incredible.  Chances are, I will look pretty incredible too!

It is amazing what looking back and evaluating does.  Yes, I get sad when I think that I am not down 100 pounds by my birthday (next Saturday).  But, I am so proud of myself when I look at what I have done the past three months.  If I can lose 8 in the next three months, I will be THRILLED!

But, I have no control over what the scale says.  All I can control is what I put in my mouth and how much I move my body.  So, I need a summer plan.  I go back to school on July 31.  Crazy, right?  I have two months of “not working.”  I can either let the next two months happen or I can plan what I am going to do, be proactive, and have a plan to be successful.  Regardless of what I choose, the next two months are going to go by.

Here are my summer goals:

  • Crossfit at least four times a week.  I would like to say five but in order for me to be successful, I am going to go with four.  Here are the times I plan to attend:  Monday (8:30 a.m.), Tuesday (4:30 p.m.), Wednesday (8:30 a.m. or off), Thursday (8:30 a.m.), Friday (8:30 a.m.), Saturday (9:15 a.m.), Sunday (off).  Those are the times I PLAN to go.  Now, as we know, sometimes plan change.  I will be flexible and look at my schedule a week ahead of time.  That way, I can adjust as needed.  For instance, I am in a class all day tomorrow so normally when I would go first thing in the morning on Monday, I can’t go until 4:30 tomorrow.  I will change that on my calendar and adjust as needed.  Make sense?  

UPDATE:  I have done really well going to Crossfit.  I did not go the week of vacation and last week, they were closed for fourth of July so I only made it three times.  Every other week, I have gone at least the minimum of four times!  Yeah!  I plan to continue that through the rest of the summer!  

  • Eat Paleo AND count Weight Watchers points – This summer, with the extra time, I am going to do both.  Paleo is essentially simply filling technique but I want to see how eating Paleo and points go together.  That way, I can make sure I am eating within my points range.  I am hoping to lose more weight on the scale this way.

UPDATE:  I have not done well with this one.  I didn’t really do either in the month of June.  However, for the next three weeks I plan to count Weight Watchers points diligently and stay on track to finish strong!

  • Be a better blogger – For the past two months or so, I have not blogged diligently.  I apologize for that.  I am going to schedule time to sit down and write blog posts.  That way, I will stay accountable to you and that will help me stay on track also!

UPDATE:  I have blogged more frequently this summer and have done better keeping you all informed.  However, it is summer and I have more time.  The struggle will be blogging after the school year starts because of how busy I will be.  I promise, I will try to blog at least every other day! 

That’s it.  Those are my three goals that I think will help me to be successful this summer.

Having taken the time to sit down, look at what I did for the beginning of 2013, make a plan and think about how I want to END 2013, feels really good.  It gives me purpose and accountability.

Will you take the time to sit down and plan out the summer and the rest of the year?  Will you join me?  If so, briefly share what your plans are to end 2013 on a high note!

I believe you CAN do it!

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