September 2012 Goals {Updated}

Happy Labor Day!

I don’t know about you but today we are getting some much needed things done around the house.

I feel like there is something about Labor Day that is a turning point for me in my year.  It is a great time to stop and reflect how the year is going and what I need to do in order to make this year a success.

I have had a great year.  I have not been very successful in my weight loss journey but I have BIG plans to change that around in these last 4 months.  I saw this on Facebook and it got me thinking:

labor day is a great opportunity to reflect on what you failed to accomplish this summer

How funny is that?  But…for me, it is somewhat true.  I don’t think that it should be quite so negative but turned around into somewhat of a positive.  Let’s make the last four months amazing!  Let’s do this!  We can turn this year around and make it one of our best years yet!

So…here are my September goals and then I will give you my goals for the last quarter of 2012.  In September, I will…

  • Start half marathon training – I have signed up for another half marathon in the end of October.  My eight week training starts this week.  If I stick to the plan, I will be running 4 days a week.  Whether or not I decide to run it, I would like to train for it!
  • Plan and shop for weekly meals on the weekend – This is a big one for me.  I have got to plan ahead.  If I have a plan, I will be successful with my eating.  My goal for this month is to sit down on Sunday afternoon, plan out our weekly menus, make a grocery list, and go shopping.  This will keep us eating at home more and NOT wondering what we are going to eat at night, hence, eating out!
  • Get back to church – This is for my emotional and mental well being.  I have to go back to church on Sundays in order to get my mind right and focused for the week.  When my mind is right, my body will follow.  It all goes together!
There are my September goals.  I think they are more than do-able.  Now…on to my goals for the rest of the year:
  • Get back to 100 pounds lost by Halloween – Last Halloween I hit the big 100 pounds lost.  I would like to get back there by this Halloween.  As of my last weigh in, I was at a total loss of 85.6.  That means I need to lose 14.4 to get back to 100.  14.4 total pounds with 8 weeks to get there is 1.8 pounds a week.  Makes it seem much more reachable when it is broken down like that.
  • Get to goal by January 1 –  Goal is weighing 160.  That is 29.2 pounds away from my last weigh in.  With 17 weeks until New Year’s Eve, I would need to lose 1.7 a week.  Can I do it?!?  Absolutely!

Now, here is the important part.  HOW I am going to do this.

Most of you know, I am an avid Weight Watchers follower.  The main key of the program is tracking (counting fat, fiber, etc) food.  Add in some exercise and that is the program in a nutshell.  Of course, there is all the mental stuff that goes with it.

In order to stay on track with my goals, I am going to have to track.  Like it or not, I have to do it.  It is THE only way for me to be successful with these goals.  I will have to track through the holidays.  I will have to track every piece of Halloween candy I put in my mouth.  I will have to track my dad’s homemade stuffing at Thanksgiving and his peanut butter balls at Christmas time.  Will I do it?  Yes, I will, because…


Are you worth it?  Are you worth the time and the energy it takes to achieve your goals?  I sure think so!

the difference between who you are and what you want to be is what you do

UPDATED – September was a good month for me.  I stuck to my half marathon training schedule for the most part.  I did miss two long training runs on Thursday nights but I did all of the rest.

I did well planning my weekly meals and shopping on the weekends.  I have also really enjoyed this one.  I felt so muck more “in control” knowing exactly what we would be eating when we got home after a long day!  I will certainly be continuing this for the rest of the year!

Church didn’t really happen.  It was so hard with how busy we are but both Jason and I want to try and get back soon so we will focus on this goal in October to try and be successful!  I know once we start going, we will continue on a regular basis.  It is just the starting that is so difficult.

How did your September go?  Did you meet your goals?


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