November 2012 Goals {Updated}

No Failing, No Blaming, No Excuses, NovemberI would not say that October was a fabulous weight loss month for me.  In fact, it wasn’t that great at all.  I did lose a little over 2 pounds for the month but it was not anywhere near the 8 pound loss I was hoping for.  Good thing it is November.  A new month with new goals!

Knowing this month is Thanksgiving, there will be some specific challenges that I can see coming.  Such as…THANKSGIVING!  Hello!  Thanksgiving means stuffing, pumpkin pie, dinner rolls, and all sorts of other kinds of goodness!  With those realities, I am going to set myself up for success this month to hopefully not regret Thanksgiving month but be thankful!

So… beginning with the end in mind and I knowing that I want to be thankful when December 1 hits, my goals are:

  • Run the Gobble Jog faster than last year – We finished last year in right under an hour and 15 minutes.  I would love to finish this year between and hour and 5 minutes or an hour and 10 minutes.  In order to do this, I am going to have to do LOTS of interval training to get my speed up!  That is going to be tough but I will try!
  • Give up sweets for the whole month except Thanksgiving Day – I know that sweets are my weakness.  I will not try to limit my sweets for the month and only allow myself to splurge on Thanksgiving Day.  Who knows!?!  Maybe that day I won’t want any sweets because I have had a good three weeks before.  That is my hope but I will allow myself that day if I do want something sweet.
  • Lose 5 pounds this month from November 5 weigh in – I NEED to lose 5 pounds this month.  I really want to get back to 100 pounds total lost and I NEED to do this.
  • Exercise 3 times a week – In the past, my exercise has dwindled down after a race.  I really want to stay active and ready for more races in the upcoming year.
  • RECIPES – I totally bombed on this goal last month so I will make it more achievable by making my goal to post 2 new recipes this month.  I should be able to do this!  We shall see!

I think those goals are attainable and I can be successful.

What are your goals for November?  I want to challenge each of you to run a Gobble Jog or Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.  They are all over the US so try and run one and if you do, send me a picture.

Think success so you can be thankful in November.


UPDATE:  November is over?!?  How the heck did that happen?  Let’s check out my goals and see if November was a success or a wash…

  • Run the Gobble Jog faster than last year – Nope…didn’t happen.  I ran with several people though and didn’t train as well as I should have so it was a fun run and sometimes, that is all that matters!
  • Give up sweets for the whole month except Thanksgiving Day – I did great with this at the beginning of the month.  Then, it started to go downhill from there.  The end of the month has been too many sweets and I can tell from the headaches I have been suffering.
  • Lose 5 pounds this month – NOPE!  I ended up gaining 2.4 over the month.  Crap!
  • Exercise three times a week – This one was hit or miss.  Some weeks were better than others.  I would say on average I managed twice a week.  Next month will be better!
  • Post new recipes – OH LORD!  This is my arch nemesis.  I just can’t seem to try new recipes.  This will stay on my goal list until it is a habit!

Thank goodness it is a new month!  I am going to rock it this month.  I can just feel it!  How was your November?


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