March 2013 Goals {Updated}

WOW! How is it March already?!? It seems like February was just a few days ago.

What are my plans for March, you ask?!?


I have one goal.

What?!? One goal?!? You always make several goals!! Are you ok, Jen?

Yes, I am perfect. I am going to make just one goal.

Knowing I am only making one goal, I need to make it a good one, right?!? Well, it’s a good one.

Here it is:

I am going to commit to the plan Larry from Crossfit gives me.

That’s it. And…it’s gonna be big!

I am going to commit 110%.

I NEED something different and this is it for me.

I will go tonight to learn all the in’s and outs and I am THRILLED!

Bring it on.

Bring on healthy eating, exercise, water, and WEIGHT LOSS!

I can’t wait to share with you all what plan he puts me on.

Am I turning my back on Weight Watchers? Never!

I am going to start weighing in on Saturday’s instead of Mondays. For now, that works better with my schedule.

I am still going to go to Jacynta’s meetings. I could NEVER leave her!

Am I still going to count points? Yes!

Am I still going to wear my ActiveLink? Of course! (Actually decided NOT to continue wearing Activelink even though I had planned to still wear it.  Check out my reasoning here).

Am I going to embrace this new plan and kill it?!? Absofreakinlutely!

I have to, I have no choice after THIS picture I saw of myself dressed like Pinkalicous on Friday.



Fatty McFatterson.

Lord…have mercy!

Oh well…nowhere to go but up (or down in my case!).

I want to be AT LEAST back to this weight by June:

100 Pounds Gone

I think if I commit to Larry’s plan, I can do it!

What are YOUR goals for March?  Whatever you decide, commit to them with all your heart!


UPDATE:  Hold onto your seats.  I am happy to report, I actually made my goal!  I am happy to report that I stayed on Larry’s plan 110% with NO cheats.  I am shocked myself.  You will have to wait and see all the ins and outs.  That will be coming later this week!  I am just so thankful that I truly made a commitment this month and ROCKED IT!

March was really a great month!

How was March for you?


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