In 2012 I Will…{Updated}

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The past week has been all about people either embracing New Year’s Resolutions or saying they aren’t going to make them because no one ever keeps them.

I have been pondering these two options in my mind over the past week and trying to set my “goals” for the year.  I decided I am going to look at New Year’s Resolutions differently this year.  Instead of saying, “I am going to lose weight” or “I am going to exercise more”, I am going to make realistic statements about things I KNOW I am capable of doing that will lead to living a healthier lifestyle for my MIND, BODY, and SOUL.  If I can accomplish these things, I will get the end results I really want.  So, here they are.  In 2012 I will…

Run at least a 5K every other month

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If I can run at least a 5k every other month, I know I will exercise in order to train for the race.  That will keep me exercising.  I would LOVE to run a half marathon this year but I will NOT commit to that.  If I can get up to that, awesome.  If not, at least I can run a few 5k’s and maybe even a 10k this year!

UPDATE – I did not run a 5k every other month but I did run two half marathons, a 5k, and a 10k.  I would say I did pretty well on this one!

Think Good Thoughts About Myself

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No more negative self thoughts or talking.  If I start to think negatively about myself, I have to stop myself and say five nice things about myself.  If I start to think more positively, I will start to believe more positively.

UPDATE – I feel I did really well on this one.  I have re-framed my thinking to catch myself when I start to get down on myself.  Now, however, I have to be careful not to be too lenient on myself!  But..I am thinking much more positively so I am happy about that!

If I trip down a step, I will Not Throw Myself Down the Rest of them

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So many times in the past, I will make a bad choice and then throw the rest of the day week away.  If I eat something horrible for me, I tend to say, “Oh well, I have blown it now!  I might as well just start over next week because this week is blown!”  This year, when I make a mistake, I am not going to wait until the next week or even the next day.  I am going to get back on track the very next MINUTE.

UPDATE – I did not do too well on this one.  I am still trying to work on this and it is very difficult.  I would say that I am getting better but I still have work to do!

If I want a “Treat” or something unhealthy, I must wait 20 minutes before eating it.

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Some of you are thinking, “What in the world is she talking about?”  I have learned that if I DON’T give in to instant gratification, I will NOT give in at all.  If I can just wait it out, I don’t really want what I think I want.  So, this year, if I think I want to eat something unhealthy, I will literally set a timer for 20 minutes.  If after 20 minutes I still want the treat, I will eat it and count the Weight Watchers points plus of that item.

UPDATE – I failed miserably on this one.  I would either eat it or not but there wasn’t the mindful waiting 20 minutes like I said I would.

Visit a Church At Least Once a Month

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This one is not about weight loss but I think spiritually impacts all areas of life so that is why I am including it.  My husband and I have been trying to find a new church for a few years.  We have not been diligent about going every Sunday until we find one we like.  I would like to visit one church at least once a month until we find one that we can call “home.”

UPDATE – We did not go at least once a month but we did find a church that we can call “home.”  I will address that in our new goals because we want to get deeper into the church this year.  We are really excited about it.

Reach out More to the Blogging Community

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This year I will comment on more blog posts.  I am more of a blog “stalker” and don’t really comment too much.  On the other hand, I LOVE when people comment on mine.  This year I will be more conscious of making meaningful comments on blog posts that I read.

UPDATE – I have done more conscious commenting but I have also gotten more involved in Weight Loss groups on Facebook.  I didn’t plan on doing that but it turned out to be a great decision.  I have more meaningful comments on Facebook as well as on other weight loss blogs.  This one was a success!

There they are.  My “I will in 2012” list.  I didn’t include the things I am already doing.  I won’t try to go to my Weight Watchers meetings every week because I already am.  I won’t try to drink more water because I already do.  I won’t take my vitamins every day because I already do.  I am going to focus on these things I find more difficult in hopes of being a more healthy overall person.

I will continue to make monthly goals.  You all know how I LOVE to make small, measurable goals.  Don’t you worry!

Did you make resolutions this year?  Do you plan to make goals for yourself?  If so, please share them with me.  I would love to hear what your plans are to make yourself a better person by the end of the year!

UPDATE – When I sat down to update my year, I thought it was going to be a big, fat, fail.  I didn’t realize how successful my year really was because I did not see a big decrease in weight.  I forgot what goals I had set and none of them were really weight related.  I feel more successful now and I feel more ready to take on the new year and make it to goal this year.

Sometimes when we look at the big picture, good things are there.  Don’t look at the one thing you did WRONG but all the little things you did right.  I had a great year but I am looking forward to an even better 2013!

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