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Updated 10/6/13

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Happy Labor Day weekend everyone!

We spent Friday night at the Atlanta Braves game with our Crossfit box.  Yes, we made it on the jumbo-tron.  It was H-O-T-T hot but we had fun.  Then, we headed up to the North Georgia mountains Saturday morning to spend some time with my family.  We love it there!  It is fun and relaxing.

Yesterday, we took a picnic to the lake and ate lunch on the grass.  Then, we went swimming in the lake and just hung out.  My two nieces LOVE to grade papers so I put them to work when we got home.

Girls Grading Papers

Today, my sister, Katherine, my mom and I had a weight loss “pow-wow.”  We are good at that.  Have I told you that my mom is a therapist?  She is good at getting people to get in touch with their feelings.

We gave my sister a no-quitting pep talk and told her how proud of her we were.  She rocked it this weekend.  She was totally on plan and ate what she was supposed to.  Instead of eating in the kitchen late last night (her trigger time), she went to bed!  She is awesome.

Then, there is me.  My mom asked how I am going to lose these last twenty pounds.  I sat there.  Then, I told her the brutally honest truth.  I said, “I am going to count Weight Watchers points because it works.  The problem is, it sucks.  In order for me to lose weight each week, I have to eat ONLY my daily 28 points, no more, no less and that is not so much fun.”  She didn’t really have an answer to what I said.  She did give me some great tips on planning meals on the nights where I don’t get home until 6:30 or 7:00.  Then, she did one of the best things she could do for me.  She offered to cook us dinner on Monday nights every couple of weeks.  HELLO GOD-SEND!

On Mondays, I go to my Weight Watchers meeting.  That means I don’t get home until sometimes after 7:00.  That is not good for planning a healthy meal.  She has offered to make some extra of whatever they are having and then I can take it home with me to eat.  Isn’t she awesome?!?

With our conversation today, it got me thinking.  What is holding me back from losing these last 20 pounds?  I think if I would seriously count EVERY single point, I would be successful.  Why don’t I do it?  Because it isn’t fun?  Because I can’t eat whatever I want?  Because I have to actually plan ahead and have healthy meals ready?

Yes, Yes, and Yes.  All of the above.

Tough crap Jen…get it together, do the work and reap the benefits.  Stop screwing around!

Yes, life is busy.  Yes, I don’t get home until after 6:30 on some nights.  Yes, it takes time to plan and NO you cannot eat whatever you want.  I mean, you can but you will gain weight at a rapid pace!

So, with those things in mind, here are my goals for September:

  • Plan meals on Sunday for the week – If I have meals planned, I am more likely to eat at home and eat healthy.  I think I am going to join Emeals again.  They make it so easy with planning weekly meals, going with the weekly sales at my store and even making a grocery list for me.  It is totally worth the couple dollars a month.  I need all the help I can get this year!  I did really well on this one.  I would plan my meals and grocery stop on the weekends.  We did better eating out and I think it showed in my weight loss!
  • Crossfit three times a week and walking twice a week – I can only fit in Crossfit three times a week so I want to make sure I walk/jog the other two days for a total of five days a week of some activity.  I should be able to manage that!  FAIL!  This one was not good at all!  I am still trying to figure out my tutoring schedule and I am not sure how I am going to fit in Crossfit.  It might be time to train for another race!  
  • Count points five out of seven days and track it in my phone – I have got to get back to tracking what I eat.  I know that I eat better when I actually count the Weight Watchers points.  Plus, I know if I count five days, I will probably count all seven.  I have got to do it.  No ifs ands or buts about it!  I did really well with this starting towards the end of the month.  Better late than never?
  • Stop eating crap – I cannot continue to eat ice cream, donuts, drink alcohol and still lose weight.  Sweets are my temptation and I need to cut them out.  They are a big trigger for both the hubby and myself so we both need to keep them out of our house!  Again, I rocked this one towards the end of the month.  Now, if I can just start October doing this, all will be great in weight loss world!

There, I think those are manageable.  I need to get back in control and make September a success!  I want to FEEL better and the only way I can do that is to DO better.

Who is with me?  Who else is going to make September Successful?  Tell me your goals for September.

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A dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.

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