February 2013 Goals

Well thank GOD January is over.  I mean, I don’t mean to wish my life away but January did not go as planned.  Sometimes, I am just thankful for a new month.

There were a few amazing things that happened in January and I am not sure if you heard about them or not.

The MOST amazing thing was I was selected as Sharecare’s Top 10 Online Influencers in the category of Weight Loss!

Sharecare Now's Top 10 Online Infulencers

HOLY COW!!!!!!  What an honor.  I was listed with some incredible people including Joy Bauer from The Today Show, Liz Vaccariello from Reader’s Digest, and several other bloggers!  What an honor and totally unexpected.  THANK YOU for honoring me, Sharecare!

Another great thing that happened was my husband and I went to church Every-Single-Sunday this month.  For us, that is HUGE!  We finally feel like we have found a church we enjoy going to, we love the pastor and we even signed up to go on a couple’s retreat in March.  This was a big one for me!

Another great thing that happened this month is I put TWO new recipes on my blog.  For those of you who know me well, you also know that this is an area that I struggle with so this is a pretty big one too!

Did you try either the Three Bean Chili

Weight Watchers Turkey Chili Recipe

or Danica’s Minestrone Soup?

Weight Watchers Spicy Italian Minestrone Soup Recipe

If you tried either one, what did you think?  Yumm-o, right?

As I am sitting here listing great things about January, I just have to include the incredible success stories that I shared!  I had the privilege of sharing 5 amazing women’s stories on my blog.  They all are so inspirational and I am so thankful that they allowed me to share their stories.

WOW!  I guess January was better than I thought!  Now…I want to call February – Fast Track February.  One because it is such a short month and two because I am on the fast track to success!  Will you join me?  Here are my goals for February:

Lose 7.6 pounds so that my weight at Weight Watchers will be 185.  

Now, you know I don’t just throw a goal out there and then say that’s it.  I have to carefully think about HOW I will achive that and what will help me to be successful.  Here is what I am thinking needs to be done in order to get there:

  • Be accountable with my food and exercise.  For me, accountability is key and who better to be accountable to than all of YOU!  So, for this month, I am going to take a snapshot of my daily food log via the WW app and it will show activity points also from my ActiveLink.  The next time I do a blog post, I will include these for your viewing pleasure.  Will you get much out of them?  Probably not but I will.  I NEED this to keep me accountable to track and walk.  So, even if I didn’t track that day, I am still going to take a photo and it will be there for you to see.  
  • Plan meals weekly.  This has been a downfall this past month.  We have eaten out entirely too much and I need to get it under control.  For the next four weeks, I will be planning my weekly meals on the weekend and shopping for them before the week starts.   I plan to share those with you also.  I might use Slender Kitchen meal plans or I might just do what I know (depends on how much time/prep I have).  However, I have to be more diligent with planning meals AT HOME in order for me to be successful!
  • Continue to limit my sweets.  I wish I could say that I have eliminated ALL sweets but it just hasn’t happened.  Unfortunately.  Things crept in there and I indulged but I DID NOT go over board.  I guess I was a bit more conscious of how many I was eating.  I need to do this in February, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up.  If you know me and you have kids at my school, please, I beg of you, DO NOT give me chocolate.  Give me a note that says you were going to but you read this and are showing me love by honoring my wish.  I sometimes lack self control when I am in a room alone with some yummy chocolate so please don’t give it to me.  I will know you love me with your words.
  • Exercise three times a week.  I did great this month exercising three times a week.  There was only one week where I only exercised twice.  I want to continue with that success in February!

If I can do these things, I think I can hit my February goal weight of 185.

Now, for the fun part, the reward…

If When I meet my goal of 185 by March 1, I will reward myself with a manicure and a pedicure.

There...that's better!

There…that’s better!

The expensive manicure and pedicure.  The all out sugar scrub, heat towel, manicure and pedicure!

This month, I challenge you to sit down, write down your goals and then write down a reward you are going to give yourself if you are successful!

Goals Are Dreams With Deadlines

Small, attainable goals with a reward.  Let’s rock this Fast Track February.

I think I am going to do another Dietbet competition so if you joined this past one and you want to keep the momentum going, stay tuned for that big announcement soon!

In the comments, please share your overall goal and your reward with us.  We can all get ideas from one another!


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