April 2013 Goals

Holy March!  I am so thrilled with the success I had in March, I am going to have a hard time topping it in April!

My March goal was one goal and only one.  Follow the plan Larry gave to me to perfection.  I did it!  I rocked it!  I killed it!  I am in full beast mode!

No seriously, here are a few of my successes that I have going into April:

I feel strong – Working out at Crossfit has shown me that I do have strength.  I can’t wait to get even stronger!

I have lost inches – My pants feel better and my muffin top is decreasing!  Hallelujah!

I no longer have a food addiction – I plan to go into more detail about this in a longer post but for now, let’s just say I KNOW that my food addiction is gone.

My sweet tooth is minimal – I can’t say it is non-existent.  I don’t have any cravings but the peppermint patties in the fridge have called my name once or twice (don’t worry, I told them to be quiet!).

I enjoy working out – I can’t believe I am saying that!  I do love Crossfit and I love the way I feel when I am done.  STRONG!

I lost a few pounds – I am now down to the weight that I was last summer and I am on my way to getting back into the 170’s.  Five pounds in a month…I will take it!

March 2013 Weight Watchers Weigh In

March 2013 Weight Watchers Weigh Ins

With all that success, what should my goal be for April?

How can I improve on that?

Take Pride in How Far you have come and Have Faith in how Far You Can Go

Take Pride in How Far you have come and Have Faith in how Far You Can Go

Here are my April goals:

  • Continue to eat the way I am eating with no cheats.  This should not be too difficult. It has been pretty seamless thus far.  Cheats are no longer even in my vocabulary!
  • Workout two mornings a week BEFORE WORK– I would like to get up early, before work, two mornings every week.  This would ensure I get in five workout days a week (Three days of Crossfit and two days of walking).

There you go!  Two goals (I think I will add a goal each month!).

Notice that I am no longer making goals to lose pounds.  I think I have an addiction to the scale and I am trying to break that addiction.  I will talk more about that in a future post!

Bring on April – I am ready!

What are your goals for April?


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