Getting Healthy in 2014

A note from Jennifer:  For those of you that have been around a while, you know the name Jacynta very well.  She was my beloved Weight Watchers leader for almost four years.  She just recently decided it was time for her to leave the company and help others in a new and different way.  One of the ways she plans to help others is by writing some guests posts for me.  So, look for some posts from her in the upcoming days/weeks.  I just know that she will inspire you the same way she inspired me and helped me lose over 100 pounds!  Without further ado, here she is in all her glory!

Jen and her Weight Watchers leader, Jacynta

Hello peeps and Healthy New Year!

Some of you may recognize my odd name. Yes, I was Jennifer’s fearless and crazy leader at Weight Watchers. Yes, I was the girl with the clappy hand and full of energy! And I am over the moon excited to be a guest blogger! As my sweet friend Jennifer so kindly said to me, “I know you can speak, but can you write?” Well I said, I will certainly do my very best to keep you all entertained!

So let me first congratulate you all on taking positive steps towards getting healthy in 2014! Just simply reading this FABULOUS blog each week is a positive step towards making those changes you need to live your BEST life! So WOO HOO to you!! (insert my clappy hand!)

And we all know it is that time of year to make those New Year’s resolutions and most of us hope we can keep them longer than we did last year!

Last year I made just one resolution because I wanted to set myself up for success! It was this:

I was going to more on time and punctual wherever I was going. I think I lasted about two days. Then, I found myself with lots of foil high lights in my hair, hair color all over my head frantically running to my daughters preschool from the salon to present the teachers with the class gifts! WOW! Was that ever embarrassing! But the memory provides lots of humor to the 18 ladies who witnessed the spectacle! Now, the 16 pre-schoolers are still traumatized today and receiving therapy.

I find myself in the same place this year, consistently late. Therefore, I decided my resolution this year would be to not have a resolution!!  S0 far, I am ROCKING IT OUT!!

But seriously, the million dollar question is HOW in the world do we GET motivated and STAY motivated to keep our resolutions when only 8% of the people who make resolutions actually keep them?

Well, stay tuned for my next post as I will share my TOP SIX ways for doing this in 2014 and beyond! Don’t you just love a tease?!?

Until then peeps….Make it Happen!

Sparkling New Year

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  • Julie

    Can’t wait to get to know Jacynta better! I also LOVED my WW leader, and she ended up leaving the company as well. Luckily, I’m still friends with her on Facebook, and I run into her occasionally at the gym. I’m with you this year…I didn’t make any resolutions!

  • Sharon Miller Meltzer

    You are just as funny and inspirational while writing as you are in person. Woo Hoo! (Insert Clappy Hands)