August 2016 Update

Wow!  How did that happen?  August is gone?  Seriously, August was the LONGEST month I think I have ever lived!  SO much happened in August and I can’t believe it is finally over!

I started back to school in August…with kids.  I actually started back to work in the end of July.  Crazy, right?  Us southern folk don’t know what summer is…

So, what’s been going on with me…


Delaney AugustAnd school.

And working out.

And trying to eat better.

And not weighing…

Let’s start with her…she’s sick.  Our first fever and it sucks.  Last night was so stressful.  We just sit and cried together.  I have been calling her my hot pocket because her little body is so hot.  Fevers suck!

On a happier note, she turns one in a week and a half!  How did that happen?!?

School…is awesome.

I have a great class and this is going to be a great year.  I have a great team of teachers and we have FUN.  Isn’t that how it should be!?!

School and working out are going together these days.  I am working out almost every day after school with a few fellow teachers in my classroom.  What is great about that is when we don’t really want to, at least one of us motivates the others to do it anyway.  I have been working out almost every day, before I go home and I don’t have to get up at 4:30 a.m. to do it!  This is truly a lifesaver for me and working out.  Oh…and we all LOVE it.  The workouts are so much fun!  We have been doing Country Heat and Cize which are both dance workouts.  No weights involved and no burpees or situps (thank the Lord).

Jen's School Workouts

Trying to eat better…this one is the kicker.  I eat really well for breakfast (Shakeology shake) and have a healthy salad for lunch but dinners and after work are where I struggle.  I have done pretty well lately so I am just hoping to keep the momentum going.  We made a goal for this week to not eat out once.  We are just so tired at night after working all day and the last thing we want to do is cook.  I think I need more healthy crockpot recipes…maybe I should check out my own Pinterest board!

So, on to the last point of interest…not weighing.  I took a scale hiatus after this summer with school starting.  I will weigh again on Labor Day and post the results.  Weighing helps keep me accountable.  The scale needs to be dusted off.  Although, I think I am still where I was after finishing the 21DayFix.  My clothes still fit the same so that is a good sign.

So, to wrap up my August, I have been chugging along nicely.  Work didn’t overtake me this year like it has in the past and things are really great!

Starting a new year with a baby was totally different than the last 16 years but it was oh so nice!  I am so blessed and loving life.  Now, if I could just get some of this fat off my body…that would be swell.  Working on it…slowly but surely…working on it!

How are things with you?  Are you ready to get healthy?  Want to join me with an accountability group starting after Labor Day?  Message me or comment and I will get you started!  Let’s do this!

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