The 10 Commandments of Weight Loss…Part 2

Karen Wilson is back with Part 2 of Jacynta’s 10 Commandments of Weight Loss. If you did not read the first 10 Commandments, don’t worry…you can find them HERE.  I am loving these posts from Karen and I am sure you are also!

The first 10 Commandments were so popular in our Sparkle groups that Jacynta decided to do a Part 2, and I’m so glad that she did! These Commandments are basic principles that we need to remember in order to be good to ourselves and our bodies. Even though these are not written in stone, Jacynta does start her commandments with “Thou shall”. Read on to see which commandment you need to work on just a little bit more. You are sure to find a favorite to apply to your own journey.

1.  Thou shall be kind to oneself.
This is a hard one for me, but one that I have learned to apply more to my own life. I always try to treat other people the way that I want to be treated—kind, courteous, and respectful. But do I give myself that same treatment? Heck no! In my head, I put myself down and say negative comments. This is definitely one that I still need to work on!

2.  Thou shall not leave home without your Sparkle Box.
The Sparkle Box is a container of healthy snacks that you can go to whenever you need an emergency snack. You know those times when you’re making a bee-line for the drive-thru? You have had a long day. You are stuck in traffic, and you need food NOW!!!! But if you have your healthy snack, you can make a better choice. Plus you can head home to eat a sensible dinner without the guilt and extra calories. This box is your “first aid” kit of sorts. Fill it with a few of your favorites and a couple bottles of water. It can be a clear container or whatever you have on hand. Decorate it and make it cute! Keep it in your car, but don’t include items that will melt. I keep a Sparkle drawer at school in my filing cabinet. Hunger strikes about 4:15 p.m. after the kids head home and instead of running to the vending machine, I know that I can grab something from that drawer. That way the chocolate cabinet doesn’t tempt me either (yes, we have one of those too!).

Sparkle Snack Box

3.  Thou shall not clean your plate.
Jacynta says that eating until you are full is a skill that we have to learn. Here is a tip that I am going to try. Eat your lowest calorie foods first. Start your dinner with a salad or other vegetable. You will fill up from the fiber and other nutrients in these foods.

4.  Thou shall eat breakfast.
Do you spend more time on picking an outfit to wear in the mornings than what you’re picking to fuel your body?! Most American do!! A lot of folks believe that they can skimp at breakfast and then make up for it at dinner. No! Bad idea! More often than not, people who do this will overeat because they are starving thus consuming way more calories than they need to. “But I don’t like breakfast foods!” you might say. One thing I love is avocado toast with red chili flakes. It’s savory with a bit of heat. Toast your bread, slice half an avocado, and spread the avocado on your toast. Sprinkle with red chili flakes. Simple and easy for those mornings you need to get something in your body and get out of the door.

5.  Thou shall use less words and have more action.Action always beats intention

Ever notice that the word “action” is in the word “satisfaction”?! I love this quote because it applies to so much more than living a healthy lifestyle. You know those excuses that we all make. You might say, “Oh! I am going to do that…fill in the blank with your choice of tasks…take a walk, try that new Zumba class, try a new-to-you food, cut back on sweets, drink more water.” I could go on and on. We have good intentions. We really do. But our other obligations get in the way, and we put whatever it is that we intended to do on the back burner. Stop it!!! YOU are worth taking action. So take action to get what you truly want.

6.  Thou shall spread the SPARKLE.
Jacynta is really big on spreading the Sparkle. She says that when we encourage others, we become encouraged. That’s so true! If you read my last blog post, you will know that my mom, dad, and sister are all making healthier choices. That’s me spreading the Sparkle to them. And they encourage me in turn. We all benefit!

7.  Thou shall eat at home more often.
Jacynta encourages her clients to “Reclaim Your Kitchen!” Many of us do eat out a lot whether out of necessity or convenience. Some people do not like to cook, and some people, like me, are only cooking for one person at home. Maybe you think it’s a waste of time, effort, and money. Believe me, it’s not! What you cook in your own kitchen, you control. Cooking at home doesn’t have to be fancy or overly complicated. If you’re bored with the same old foods, check out new recipes on Pinterest or go to your local Farmer’s Market, walk around (get some steps in!), and be inspired.

8.  Thou shall not buy food where you buy you gasoline.
This one cracks me up! Did you know that 20% of all food is eaten in the car? Big slurpies and humongous iced lattes from your gas station are filled with excess sugar and calories. Jacynta says that impulse eating leads to poor decisions. Think about that vending machine at work. The same rule applies. Candy bars from the gas station are not your friend. Instead grab something from your Sparkle Box! Gas stations have been offering some healthier options. I have seen an actual banana in the QT by my house. Your best bet though is to stick to your plan and wait until you get home to eat.

9.  Thou shall really read the ingredients in all processed food (and be able to pronounce them).
Really read the ingredients? I glance at them from time to time, but seldom do I actually read them. I have gotten a lot better at this. Check out some of your favorite snacks. If there are more than five ingredients and you can’t pronounce the first one, you may want to make another choice.

10.  Thou shall make exercise a priority in your daily schedule.
Even if you walk for 10 minutes, that’s better than sitting for those 10 minutes. Go slow to go fast! I ran my first 5K yesterday, but I had to walk my first 5K to ever get to the point where I could run yesterday’s race. Start somewhere. These are the tips that help me with getting in some form (usually it’s walking) of exercise daily. I pack my clothes the night before and take them with me to work. I make “walk and talk” dates with friends. I wear a FitBit and house walk when the weather is bad. Do these strategies always work? No, but I try to be kind to myself (Commandment #1) and make tomorrow a more active day.

Exercise I thought you said extra fries

I have decided to join Jennifer’s group on Monday nights at Sparkle Wellness. I think this will be a great way to keep me plugged into a support group (one of the original 10 Commandments). Plus, it will change up my weigh-in routine—Monday nights versus Thursday mornings. Sometimes you just need to shake things up! If you are in the Atlanta area and are interested in joining us, here is the link for registration.

Sparkle JF
These beliefs and rules are certain to make you feel more confident and successful in your weight loss journey.

Which commandment do you know you need to pay more attention to in your life?

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