Calories – Weekly Weigh In

I was expecting a big old fat gain on Monday.  I was out of town three days last week and then busy, busy, busy, all weekend.  I just knew I had gained.  So… I was shocked… to say the least! Down 1.2.  Wow!  My total since January 1 is… 18 pounds!  YAHOO!!! I am telling […]

Be Happy – Weekly Weigh In

Happy Saturday!  I have totally slacked on posting this week!  I always like to have my weigh in’s done by Wednesday but going out of town and then trying to adjust back into a routine just distracted me.  However, here it is.  Monday’s weigh in: It’s going down…it’s yelling TIMBER! Now, for the total… Almost […]

It Works – Weekly Weigh In

Ya’ll…this whole One Day at a Time thing really works.  I seriously love it.  This is what happens when I decide to take one day a time: Yes…that happens when we take life one day at a time.  Down 2.4 pounds last week.  See that steady decrease over the last two months?  This happens in […]

Attitude Check – Weekly Weigh In

Ya’ll…gains are going to happen.  It is part of the journey.  I knew this week I was going to gain.  I just wasn’t sure how much!  Here is what I saw when I stepped on the scale yesterday: A gain of 0.8. I wasn’t nearly as upset as I used to get when I had […]

Monday Weigh In’s – Weekly Weigh In

Monday morning, again, I didn’t know what to expect.  It was a “snow day” and I wasn’t really excited about weighing (you can always tell what kind of week I had whether or not I am excited to weigh in!).  Reluctantly, I got on the scale. Down 0.8!  YAHOO!  For a total of… 14.4 pounds! […]

Just Start – Weekly Weigh In

Holy Cannoli… I truly thought I gained this week.  I thought MAYBE, if I was lucky, I maintained.  So, I got on the scale Monday morning with my breath held to see this… Down 0.4… Holy Cannoli! I guess this whole tracking thing and staying within your daily goal really works…who would have thought? Here […]

You Have Control – Weekly Weigh In

Monday was my last weigh in for January.  Even though it was technically February, it was closer to January.  Here is what I saw: You know how last week I claimed I would lose two pounds?  Well, I did…and then a little bit more just to prove I could…on Super Bowl Monday. Take that skeptics […]

Trust the Process – Weekly Weigh In

If you watch my vlogs, you know that I wasn’t too stoked about this week’s weigh in.  Even though I had stayed somewhat within my calorie goal, I had not eaten very clean and I was worried it was going to show on the scale. I got on the scale Monday morning and saw this. […]

It’s Only A Pound – Weekly Weigh In

Have you ever said to yourself, “I ONLY lost a pound!” I said that to myself on Monday morning when I hopped on the scale. I was having very mixed feelings.  I know that a pound is a pound is a pound but I also want to lose more than a pound.  I want it […]

Daily – Weekly Weigh In

It was another rockin’ week on the scale yesterday.  I knew it was going to be.  Even though my exercise sort of diminished after work started, I still got in four great walks last week and my eating was on point.  I was excited to step on the scale and the number I saw thrilled […]