My Pants are Tight – Weekly “UN” Weigh In

Ya’ll…I have a serious problem.  My pants are tight.  I am stressed.  I am so busy I don’t have any “ME” time.  I have been eating on the run and NOT counting points.  My workouts have been few and far between.


My pants are tight.

The clothes that I wore just a few weeks ago are now uncomfortable.  Here I am the first day of school:

Jen School Starting

That top I won’t even try on right now because I know the muffin top will be out of control.

Those pants, yes, the ones in the picture.  I wore those today.  They were tight.

I have weighed in twice since I last shared with you but there was not time to share the results with you so I haven’t.  I gained.  I know I gained around 4 pounds a few weeks ago and I didn’t look at how much I gained last week.  I am thinking around 3 or so.  That makes a total of a gain of 7 pounds in just a month and a half since school started.

I don’t like it.  I don’t like it at all.  However, I like ice cream and eating fast and not thinking too hard about what I am eating.

But, I have a choice to make.  I can either get my head in the game or I can gain weight slowly until I am back up to 200 pounds.  Right now, I am fully back in the 180’s and I don’t like it at all!

I think what I need to do is make a weekly goal for myself.  Take things one week at a time and focus on one thing that I am struggling with.

For this week, I am going to only eat fruit or a snack I bring to work from home from 1:20-2:05 p.m..  This is my planning time at school.  This is the time where I want chocolate or something sweet.  I think if I can make it past this “chocolate hour,” I think I will be ok.  I have been doing great for breakfast and lunch and then this hour hits and I am just wanting something sweet.  I cannot get into that routine so I think I need to nip it in the bud now.

I want next week’s weigh in to be a good one.  A loss.  I don’t care how big of a loss, I just want a loss.  I want to be headed in the right direction.  Right now, I am on a downward slippery slope in the WRONG direction and I need to get things turned around.

How are all of you?  I feel like it has been forever since I checked in and that is NEVER a good sign!

Anyone want to join our fall Dietbet?  I think this is just what I need to get me focused again!  If you are interested in joining, click HERE and join in the fun!

Have a great week.  Make one goal that you can achieve this week to feel successful!  Share it with us!

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About Jennifer Swafford

Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Kelly Gallagher-Kiley

    Hang in there…just do the next right thing 24 hours at a time…

  • TinaShaw

    Well, I didn’t post because I’ve also not been making good choices….so now, we both get back on track! I am, however, loving how we’re about the same weight! :) Even when we mess up!

  • Shannon Tatlock

    It’s easy to slip, the important part it, you want to take steps to start battling back. I know you can do this! Stay focused!!!

    PS, cute shirt and pants!

  • Jen W

    I had a binge week. Gained 4 pounds. Yuck. I need to find my mojo again

  • MrsF

    A good WW ice cream treat for me was having a bit of Fat-Free whipped topping sandwiched between two chocolate graham cracker squares. I think it was only 1 point too!

  • Beth Mason

    I kept checking for an update and didn’t see one. I was getting worried. I know that the beginning of the school year is a stressful time! Maybe you can get a quick walk around the building during your planning time. I’m sure that would make the time more productive. Way to recognize the signs and commit to doing better.

  • LizCat

    I’m so glad you posted today. My story is very similar to yours–been doing well for almost a year, but the past couple months I’ve struggled a LOT. I consider you a WW success story, and to read that even successful WW’ers encounter roadblocks really helps keep me going. Please continue to share your strategies–identifying trigger times is a great idea.

  • Maria

    Wow can I relate to you!! I think my weight is around the same the last time I weighed in at WW – I was in the low 180’s and it’s not fun. I was up to 200 last year but I feel like I’ve been losing/gaining the same 20 lbs and it’s very frustrating!! It’s hard to get ‘motivated’ again…I decided I needed to do something drastic, get off the sugar because that seems to be my BIGGEST problem – especially when it comes to cravings which used to be just around 2-4 PM but lately it’s been lasting into the night…I had to do something, I’m tired of being a prisoner to food…I began to blog about it…I’ve done it before and it really helps, I just want to stay off for a while (at least until the cravings are completely gone).

    You have made the choice to keep going and never quitting. I’m routing for you!! Hang in there…

  • Beth P

    I can so relate! Small slip ups gradually snowball in to larger and things so easily get out of control. Totally feel you. I’ve been steadily losing for a year, and yet the past three weeks, packed on some unwelcome pounds. Been avoiding eye contact with the scale and shoved my tight jeans in to the back of the cloest. Hang in there! Darkest of nights always have a dawn :)

  • Mekiho

    I’m right there with you. I’ve been slipping backwards (which is up) on the scale as well, so I just decided to set small goals, and see if that strategy works. Good luck!