I’ve Got a Feeling…Woo Hoo…Medifast Weekly Weigh In

That tonight’s gonna be a good night. Hahaha. I like that song.

Well, life has been a little crazy lately. It seems as the kids get older life just gets busier. I never would have thought that was possible many years ago when I was a mom at home with three little kids changing diapers for 7 1/2 years straight.

Believe it or not, Medifast is such an easy eating plan to follow when you are busy and you don’t have much time to think about what you are going to eat. You can just grab a meal and go. I love it!!

Since I last blogged, I am down another 3.5 pounds but I have even more exciting news!! Are you ready……..

I am officially down a size in jeans!! Hence the title of my blog. I am so excited about this. It takes me losing quite a bit of weight before I go down a size. Usually somewhere between 30-40 pounds. Well, this time it took 34.5 pounds.

It all started last Sunday. My husband had been making fun of my pants, shorts, capris, for a while because they are sooooo baggie in the buttocks region. So last Sunday, as I was getting ready for church, I got the idea of trying on a size smaller blue jeans I have in my drawer. Well, they zipped right up and felt great. I was a little worried they were too tight but my husband said they looked great so I got to wear a size smaller jeans to church. Yeah!!!!

Of course later that week I decided they weren’t quite the right color of jeans so I had to go get some new ones in my smaller size………

Katherine in smaller sized jeans!

I had really been putting off buying new shorts or capris even though mine had gotten really baggie looking over the last month or so because I knew the cooler weather was coming and wanted to wait until I could buy some jeans that I could wear for a little while.

This helps give me a little push to just see how much weight I can possibly lose. My next goal is to try to hit 50 pounds by Halloween. I really want to take some more progress pics and that will be my next big picture time. I am really going to push hard to hit that goal of mine. I just have to make it through my daughter’s and my husband’s birthdays first. But, I will do it!!!!

Medifast has come out with some new products lately that I will be reviewing soon so be looking for that blog coming up….

When you start going down in clothing sizes, do you go out and just buy essentials to get you through to the next size or do you go crazy and buy a ton of new clothes?


Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.”

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  • Aimee Rodriguez Vollmer

    SOOOOO happy and proud of you and the hard work you’ve been committing to! Congrats on your new size!
    Keep going!! I can SOOO see you meeting your goal by next month’s end! :)

  • http://www.tatlockstruth.blogspot.com/ Shannon Tatlock

    I tried on all of my dress pants for winter and they’re ALL too saggy. I think I’m going to just buy 2 pairs, a black and grey pair that I can pair with everything and just rotate, as I want to be down another size before I go crazy with new clothes.

    Doesn’t it feel GOOD!!! :)

  • Kim

    Wow – you look incredible!!! Great job!

  • http://www.fittobeann.com/ Ann

    Congrats! What an amazing feeling. When I was losing in the beginning I would buy clothes. Towards the end I bought fewer clothes. It got so expensive and I’d get attached to the clothes. Luckily, I worked Ina place where it was better to wear unattractive clothes so I’d rotate the too large clothes to work othes.

  • Janice

    one step at a time, I’m sure you will get there.

  • Beth Mason

    WAY TO GO! That’s an incredible feeling!

  • Vanessa9992

    Congrats! I love to shop for clothes. I have them in all sizes from 22-24 to size 14 (my ideal size). To treat myself when I am down a size, I shop at thrift stores. I call them my transitional clothes. I don’t get really attached to them, because I just donate them back to Good will and go shopping again. $50 is usually my budget and I go crazy, usually coming home with several bags of items.

    Good luck in your goals! You can do it!

  • smith

    Hey I just recently found your blog so I have some catching up to do on
    your story, but congrats on the amazing loss and for doing it “your”
    way, I think that the most important thing about weight loss, eating
    healthy and lifestyle changes, if you try to do it someone else’s way it
    likely won’t work for you, finding what fits you is key. Great work!
    you are an inspiration!