Half Truths – Weekly Weigh In

Let’s play a game..two truths and a lie.  Have you ever played that?  Well, basically someone tells two truths and one lie.  You have to try and figure out which is the lie.  Here goes:

1.  I rocked out my exercise last week exercising almost every day and some days TWICE.

2.  I gained five pounds the week before and didn’t tell you about it.

3.  Going back to Crossfit has been easy peasy – it’s like I never left!

Okay so I made this one easy…guess which one is the lie?  Go ahead…I’ll wait…



Do you have your answer?!?

Congrats!  You were right…the third one is a lie.  Who goes back to Crossfit after six months and it’s easy?  Sure the heck not me!

Welcome Back to Crossfit

This was my FourSquare check in.  I wanted to say, “Well Thank You Captain Obvious!”

So, I have gone back to Crossfit.  I have missed it but I certainly haven’t missed the pain in my thighs after doing countless squats.  I think this summer I want to give you guys some Crossfit workouts you can do at home.  Stay tuned for that!  Yeah!

So, back to the game.  Now that you know my lie, the two truths are there clear as day.  Let’s start with the bad truth.  I gained five pounds week before last.  I didn’t tell you about it.  Hence the title…half truths.  Here is how last week’s Tuesday weigh in went down:

I got up on Tuesday morning, not thinking it was going to be a big deal to weigh.  I had tracked…yes, I had gone over several hundred calories last week, almost every day but I didn’t think it would be THAT big of a deal.  I figured I would be up maybe a pound or two.  So, I hopped on the scale Tuesday morning before going to work and holy crap!  I was mortified!

Weekly Weigh In June 3, 2014

See that 208?!?  Yeah…that right there people was my breaking point.  It was my, “I have had enough…I can’t keep doing this up down crap!”  I was done.  I went back and forth about whether or not to share it with you because honestly, I was so disgusted with myself.  I knew you would be supportive and encourage me but I was so sick of saying the same thing…Up this week.  Down this week.  Up this week.  Down this week.

So, I decided not to same one damn thing about it.  Push it under the rug and act like nothing was wrong…on the outside.  It is called “lying by omission.”  I think people do that a lot!  They don’t want to talk about it so they just don’t say anything or they might tell a half truth.  It is being truthful if you don’t actually TELL whatever it is, right?!?  WRONG!

The fact of the matter was, I gained 5 pounds week before last.  Period.  End of story.  How is NOT telling you going to make it less real?  It doesn’t.  My husband tells me I am playing a game when I do this and deep down, I know he is right.

So, I didn’t share my weight gain but it still happened.  Tuesday afternoon, I said enough was enough.  I just couldn’t do it anymore.  Summer is here, I have more time to exercise and plan my meals.  No-More-Excuses.

I made that decision in my head and I have not looked back since.  I have been on a roll.

Wednesday I had 42 calories left over at the end of the day.

Thursday, I went on a nice long walk with my husband and ended up with 70 calories remaining (I did eat most of my exercise calories.)

Friday I went to Crossfit for the first time in 6 months and then later walked for an hour.  I had 36 calories remaining.

Saturday I walked for an hour and twenty minutes (super slow because I thought my thighs were going to give out!) and ended the day with 175 calories remaining.

Sunday was another LONG walk but I ate out at Moes so I went over by 379 calories.

Monday was back to Crossfit and another hour and twenty minute walk so I ended up with 582 calories left over.

I DID NOT eat under 1200 calories any day of the week and most days I dipped into my extra exercise calories some.  ONLY one day did I actually go over my calories and it was because we ate a meal out.

In true “getting rid of half truths” fashion, I opened up My Fitness Pal for people to see my food diary.  If you judge me because I don’t eat many fruits or vegetables or because occasionally I will have Doritos, un-friend me.  Those are the facts and when you click “View Diary”, you just might see that.  You have been forewarned.

I am very pleased with my week and I am making it happen!  When I got on the scale yesterday morning, I was down 3.8 from last Tuesday.  Making-It-Happen People!  I have had it and I am sick and tired of being sick and tired.  This summer is MINE!

I am going to share some summer goals with you guys in the next few days but I am serious about this…and I am so excited.  It feels good to be so sick of it all that you make a change.  No more half truths from here on out.  Pinky swear!

How was your week last week?  Any half truths you want to go ahead and confess and move past?

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