Is It Ever Enough – Weekly Weigh In

Are we ever good enough?

Do we ever do enough?

Do we ever give ourselves a break?

Do we thank ourselves for how hard we work or how hard we love?

Do we thank each other enough?

Do we encourage each other enough or is it always what we are doing wrong-wrong-wrong?

Are we kind enough to ourselves or do we constantly beat ourselves up over every-little-thing we do wrong?

Are we too critical?

Are we slow to forgive but fast to blame?

What is our attitude like?

Just Be Yourself

I weighed in on Tuesday like I told you I would.  It was ugly.  I got upset.  I might have cried.  Up, up, up goes the scale and down, down, down goes my attitude.

I weighed in at 210.8.

Weekly Weigh In

In case you were wanting the exact number.  There you have it.  Facing reality and moving on.

This summer, since school got out, I gained 2.8 pounds since May.  I guess that is not too bad but it is when I had big plans to lose lots of weight this summer.  Certainly I didn’t plan to gain.

I can give you excuses…I am full of them.  I can beat myself up….I am good at that.  I can hide and sleep and eat…I’m good at that too.  Instead, I am going to take a different approach.  I am going to be positive and do something to change it.

I am going to up my calorie goal on My Fitness Pal  (I don’t think 1200 is do-able for me and I get frustrated).

I am going to start a Dietbet and join and encourage others to join with me (I would love to have you!!!!!)

I am going to start saying positive things to myself every morning.  I get so much negativity from myself and others that I think it would be helpful to start the day with something positive.  A wise woman once said, “What you think about, you bring about!”  I am going to think success and bring success.  No more negativity for me.  If you have an app you can recommend for daily affirmations, I would love to hear your recommendations.

Whether I think I am or not, I-am-good-enough.  It’s called Grace.

I will succeed and so will you.

Let’s do this!

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About Jennifer Swafford

Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.