Eat Real Food – Weekly Weigh in

You know when I start weekly weigh ins again, I’m back.  Let me cut straight to the chase:

Weekly Weigh In April 28 2018

I lost 4 pounds.  YAHOO!!!!!!!

So, there are a few things I did in order to be successful this week.  I am still in the “experimental” phase with a few of these so I can’t say for sure what exactly led to the four pound loss because I experimented with a few things I have heard of people having tremendous success with.

First of all, I made a commitment to myself that I would give this week 110%.  I gave up sweets for good.  I am a sugar addict and just like a drug addict, I can’t just have a little.  I can’t take one hit.  I will go off the deep end and eat TONS.  I am an addict and I have to cut it all out.  This was actually NOT experimental and back in 2009, I went the whole year with no sweets and ended up losing over 80 pounds that year so this I already know works for me.  I don’t really have any cravings and the urge to eat desserts is really gone.  I plan to continue this for the next month at least until my birthday in June.

Next, I decided to eat low carb, high fat, REAL food.  I tried my best to eat Keto but since I am still very new to this method, I was not 100% because I don’t even know yet what 100% Keto is.  I do know how beneficial it is to have your body in ketosis and I have seen success on some FB groups I am in.  To help me transition over to this lifestyle, I have been drinking Ketones but I only have a few trial packs so I am still not 100% convinced that this has given me a “bump.”  I am going to see how this week goes with continuing on this lifestyle.  So far, I am liking it.  Although, who wouldn’t like eating real food?

I also tried intermittent fasting for a few days.  I actually really enjoyed this because I am not a huge breakfast eater.  Now, I know “breakfast is the most important meal of the day.”  I am just trying this because I have seen other people have great success with it.  The verdict is still out and again, I am only doing this a few times a week – nothing drastic.

The main thing I know is what I have been doing, isn’t working.  It is time to mix it up and try some new things (all of which are research based and have proven success).  I don’t feel like any of these are crazy “diets” but more eating real food and the timing of when to eat that real food.

I also just ordered the book “Food.  What the heck should I Eat?”  My Monday night group is reading that book and we saw a video clip on it tonight and I was really intrigued.  I hope this is going to give me more knowledge on the type of food I should be putting in my body but more importantly, “WHY!?”

So, that’s it.  I was completely ecstatic with my weight this morning and I feel like my head is on straight again.  I am ready to keep moving forward, keep learning and growing and hopefully get some of this weight off.  I do know one thing, I am already loving the way I am feeling eating this way.  I feel in control.  I am ready!

Have you tried any of these before?  Anyone interested in doing any of these with me?  Leave me a comment or shoot me a message!



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