Up Up…And Away – Weekly Weigh In

Up, Up and Away.

Up, up is the scale…

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In December 2, 2013

Holy crap!  I just looked back to see when the last time I weighed this much was and it was back in November of 2010!  Horrible…mortified.  I feel it too.  This is bad.  This could get out of control fast.  I am panicking.  I can’t keep going in this manner.  I better turn this ship around and fast.  No excuses.  Get it together, Jen.  You are out-of-control.

There…moving on and trying to breathe and not have a full on panic attack.

That was the up up and now…

Away is me!  No more Monday night Weight Watcher’s meetings.  It will be my job in the next few weeks to visit different meetings, closer to my house to find one that fits my schedule better that has a leader I enjoy.  I am not expecting Jacynta quality.  However, I would like to find someone I actually enjoy listening to.

Monday night I tried Jacynta’s replacement.  Can’t do it.  She is lovely but just not for me.

This brings me to a good point…you are not going to go to meetings if you do not enjoy the leader or like the people there.  The people will usually grow on you.  They are not as important as the leader.  The leader is what can make it or break it.  He/She is a key element in Weight Watchers meetings.  We have to have willpower, sure.  We have to have commitment, sure.  We have to have a great attitude, sure.  However, leaders are what keep us excited about our meetings.  Without a good leader, forget it.

So, for the next few weeks I will be searching, with anticipation to try and find a new leader that inspires me and makes meetings fun.  I went so far as to call the 1-800 number and ask the man if he had any stats on the leaders that are leading closer to my house.  He did not.  He wasn’t very helpful.  If I don’t find a new leader, I will be seeking alternative methods for weight loss.

I know I can’t do it on my own but I also know that I need support and encouragement and love.  I need someone who is going to cheer me on and encourage me as well as give me tough love all at the same time.

All I know is I better find some motivation fast.  That is the highest the scale has been in a LONG time and I am not happy about it.  I am not quitting but I have seriously got to get my mojo back.  Soon…

Do you go to Weight Watchers?  Do you feel your leader is a key to your success?

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About Jennifer Swafford

Jennifer is an elementary school teacher who is trying to lose 100+ pounds. She has certainly learned how much It Sux To Be Fat and is here to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • love_shorthairs

    I gained last week too! Im trying to get back on track! You can do it!! Its hard. Im just trying to take it one bite at a time and go from there.

  • Holly

    I’ve done WW on and off for years (yikes, it pains me to type that). When I was very successful, it was because I had a great leader that I really connected with. I’ve also had some leaders that I didn’t have anything in common with and couldn’t relate to (and was not very successful). I 100% believe that having a good leader is key, for me anyway. This time around, I really like the leader but the people attending are ‘eh’. I’m hoping they grow on me.
    Kudos to you for doing all you can to find yourself a great leader! Good luck!

  • Billie Frys

    First, Thanks for being so open and honest with us about your weight. I wish you lived south of atlanta, my leader in mcdonough is amazing!!

    Also, as much as a leader can help motivate and support you, you already have everything it takes to get back on track and be successful! Don’t let the lack of having your preferred leader derail all of your efforts! Take everything she taught you and put it to work – make her proud!! I have full faith in you! :)

  • Beth Mason

    There is also a group like WW called TOPS. http://www.tops.org. Check out some of those groups too.

  • Amy S

    I am the leader to a small group called Lighten Up ;) I find sometimes my members are downright depressing and yet I still find the light at the end of my day to keep on finding articles or quotes to inspire them and encourage them to turn their smile upside down! I sure hope you can find a leader that makes you smile as much as your old one did! <3 And Trust me .. I went up 3 lbs in the last two weeks… and I am back at it strict … sometimes we just need a reality check that we need to not think we are above the pounds.. I had lost 15.2 in 16 weeks, and then bam 3 lbs up! :) so sometimes its just in the cards for a gain…. WE CAN BOTH GET back on track! :) good luck finding a group

  • http://www.myfourmuses.com/ Sara Halverson

    I finally found a leader I like. She is fabulous. This was only after a lot of leader hopping:) I used to go where a male led the group. He was SPECTACULAR but his meetings were overly crowded. I decided I needed to move on. NowI love the leader but the group is older than I. Much older. So it’s hard to relate. But I can relate here. You can do it! I’ve been losing and gaining the same three pounds for the last three months. Mostly because I would binge and then try to recover. It’s not working anymore. Time to get my arse in gear:)

  • Wendy Olend

    Jen, I completely understand where you’re coming from!

    I started my Weight Watchers journey in 2011, when my company began a Weight Watchers at Work meeting. After working with my leader Jean, for over a year and a half to lose 90 lbs and gain my Lifetime membership, my company cancelled the program. I was devastated! I couldn’t fit any of Jean’s regular meetings into my schedule and decided to just “go it alone”, because I didn’t want to go through the hassle of finding someone new. Eight months later, I had gained back about 10 lbs. and knew I had to do something.

    I tried a meeting that is held across the street from my house. I can literally see this place from my living room window! Perfect right? I mean, what could possibly be more convenient? Of course it was too good to be true. I just didn’t click with the leader or fit in with the group, so I began the process that finally led me to my new leader Rob. I have to get up early on Sunday mornings and travel over half an hour to get to him, but it’s totally worth it! I’m down about 6 lbs. and well on my way back to Lifetime membership.

    You’ve come so far and inspired so many (myself included!) that I just know you will find the right person to help you make it to your goal.

    All my best,

  • http://jenbsjourney.blogspot.com/ JenB

    I’ve never tried WW, although I’ve seen/heard much success from others. I have anxiety issues and just having to go out to a meeting … I know that wouldn’t work for me. I’m just a homebody at heart. Luckily I have a home gym and there is so much online support. I don’t have a weekly meeting, but I’ve been posting my weekly weigh-ins online to keep me motivated. MFP has worked really well for the calorie counting. It’s not moving as quickly as I would like, but I feel I’ve had success so far. Good luck finding something that works! It’s hard.

  • truth search

    The weight loss journey is complex….but I totally agree with you that the leader is key. I love my WW leader but sometimes I just can’t make it on Tuesday. I had to go on Friday and the leader (at least to me) seemed like she was phoning it in and reading from a script. No connection whatsoever AND the group was much older than me and really annoying….I don’t need to hear how someone can bake regular brownies and eat one each day and still lose weight. I don’t think of my journey as having an “end” point like in prior attempts. Once I get “there”, I am “done”. Eating healthy (the food and the portions) has to be forever….YOU CAN DO THIS!

  • Misty Johnson Jorek

    I live in Newnan and have the best leader. She has won awards for the past five years from WW. She truly makes a difference in my enthusiasm. I’ve had several different leaders over the years and never made it to lifetime before I quit. I know I’m going to get there this time.

  • Veronica

    I just re-joined WW (3rd time) two days ago after finding I was back at my weight from my second WW venture. I totally dig your blog and this particular post rings so true with me as well. A good leader makes all the difference. Thanks for being your authentic self and sharing your experiences with us.

  • Lynne

    Followed my leader around the county and for a 6 month stint drove an hour in traffic to get to her. She was lovely, encouraging, inspiring. And then she left WW. She never said why and she gave us no warning. It was “this is my last meeting” and she was gone. It was never the same. You know I am a big fan of hypnosis. It treats the mind which is where all of our food issues reside right? I am coming up on my one year anniversary and still going strong… I think about all the money I spent losing and gaining the same pounds at WW and wish I would have found this sooner… fasterfaster.blogspot.com

  • BeachBabe

    I’m sorry that you are feeling discouraged right now. It’s so frustrating to work, and Work, and WORK and just be treading water. Or, worse, losing ground. Don’t lose heart though! Just keep doing what you know works. I pray you find a meeting that does help keep you focused, they are great. However, you’re only at meeting for 30-60 minutes a week. The rest of the week you have to decide that you are committed to yourself and that you are worth it. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! :-D
    Remember how far you have come!!! You are still in such a better place than you began. Don’t let your substantial accomplishments be forgotten because of a minor gain.

    Also, as you’re walking through this leg of your journey remember to love yourself. Love yourself rather than be angry. Love yourself rather than be judgmental. Love yourself rather than be disappointed. Love yourself and constantly remind yourself that you are a new creation in Christ. He is reshaping you and molding you for what he has in store next. Above all, don’t forget to love yourself!!!

  • Emily

    Happy Monday! How is it going?!

  • http://hippotohot.blogspot.com Shana

    I say don’t worry too much about the number on the scale this month…but then I would say that because I just use Christmas as a way to eat guilt free! I’ve never actually lost weight WITH people before, I’ve always sort of done it solo. Sure I’ve been on forums, but I never had people in my every day to confide in. So I guess I can’t relate to Weight Watchers though I can see why it’d be successful.
    I’ve currently come up with a new way to lose weight by slowly incorporating goals into my life instead of trying too many things at once. I’m pretty stoked about starting. Please visit my blog if you have the chance! http://hippotohot.blogspot.com/

  • Penny Ellis

    I just started on my weight loss journey and having a blog is making the difference for me. Even if no one reads it, it holds me accountable every day and gives me a format to track my progress. Groups like Weight Watchers do not work for me. I couldn’t relate to the leader as well and can’t base my progress on counting calories or points. I need to keep it simple and focused. I love your blog and your honesty! It’s blogs like yours that encourage me… real people dealing with everyday issues and emotions. I think we can all help each other to be stronger to stay the course. http://thedemystifieddiet.blogspot.com/

  • http://darwinstable.net/ Daniel

    I find when I am on my own my mind can be my own worst enemy. I see a dietician and just having someone to go see keeps me more focused so I can see why a weight loss leader would be important.

  • Beth Mason

    Where have you ladies been? We haven’t heard from you in a while!

  • Laura SB

    I don’t know if anyone else has said this or not, but please don’t let her leaving be the excuse you need quit WW. You are doing awesome. You are starting down a path I took many years ago and for the same excuse. My leader left. I tried I really did to connect to someone else and it wasn’t there. I eventually stopped going. I gained all my weight back and more.

    I am not back at it many years later and finding it much harder now that I have kids and I am older. I have a pretty ok leader now, she is not my 1st leader I loved so much but that is OK. Yes the leader is very important, but so is my attitude, even more so. I live in a small town so I don’t have a lot of options for meeting. I make do. And you know, that’s ok. WW meeting hold me accountable, yes, but I am the one doing the work. I learned to forge a friendship here and there.

    And I have lost a few leaders along the way, and never though I would connect with another and I don’t have a perfect fit yet, but I am still doing WW and I simply refuse to give up. NO. MATTER. WHAT.

    Good luck!

  • Kelli

    Just found your blog :). I agree totally with your leader thoughts. I earned my goal 26 years ago….been on and off program forever…finally got serious in 2008 when I realized my dog was fat…..overweight dogs have overweight owners. So I started back in Jan, listed 40 lbs by April and have been at goal since. We had a great leader Debbie, in Stenman, N.C. And a great group. The leader changed, people came and went, we even moved now to PA and I just have found that great meeting yet, but I will…..anyway…would you consider being a leader, I am sure you have a lot of wonderful talents you could bring?

    • https://plus.google.com/102759056526029167079 Jennifer Swafford

      Great thoughts! I would love to be a leader but WW doesn’t accept leaders until people have met their goal weight. Unfortunately, that’s not me! I will keep on looking and I hope you find a great meeting also!

  • sparklesandglue

    I am considering weight watchers… This makes me more curious?!?!

    • https://plus.google.com/102759056526029167079 Jennifer Swafford

      Weight Watchers works if you work it. Any plan will work as long as you work it. That is key. When we start going our own way and NOT doing what we know to do, the weight gain happens. Good luck in your decision.