Move It to Lose It

The elevator to success is broken. You'll have o take the step at a time.

I have talked to you in the past on how exercise helps you lose weight.  I don’t think it is the main component, I think watching what you eat is.  But…exercise is important for overall health and well-being. I am always looking for ways to get in a little MORE exercise. Little things we wouldn’t […]

Take it Outside

Benefits of Walking

Wednesday, was one of my few days I have to spend at home.  I love those days in the summertime because I get up early, drink some coffee while checking email and reading blogs, then eat breakfast.  After a while, I will take the dog for a walk and then exercise myself.  I get lots […]

You Talk…I’ll Just Breath!

Stone Mountain Park

This weekend was a fabulous weekend with a dear friend of mine from college. Sarah and I met at a summer camp where we were both camp counselors.  After that summer, we continued our friendship in our last few years of college.  She is one of those friends who you can go months/years without talking […]

Interval Running

Jen's Fast 5k Time

I read somewhere that a really great 30 minute workout is to interval run.  You sprint for two minutes to raise your heart rate and then walk for two minutes to bring it back down.  Continue this for thirty minutes. I was tired of my same old walk/jog 60 minute workout so Thursday and yesterday, […]

Big Peach Running Company – Review

Big Peach Running Company

During the last two weeks, I have been a walking/jogging fool.  I was in a competition and for those of you who know me, when I am in a competition, watch out. I am a fierce competitor.  Well, I was having intense hip pain and tingling in my toes.  In speaking to a friend, she […]

Our First ItSuxToBeFat 5K

Lovely ladies Representing ItSuxToBeFat

On Saturday, a lovely group of ladies participated in our first ItSuxToBeFat 5k race.  We had some people who had never done a race before and others who had done several!  We decided to complete a race closer to where most of us lived so we did the Swift-Cantrell Classic in downtown Kennesaw, GA.  The […]

14 Day Challenge – Bring It!

For those of you who know me, you know I am VERY competitive!  I mean VERY!  The first weight loss competition I was in, I rocked.  So, when Jen, a Prior Fat Girl, proposed a challenge, I was in.  The challenge is a Steppin’ It Up challenge where the person who covers the most distance […]

Be Selfish

Be Selfish

I give you permission, right now, to be selfish.  WHAT?!?!?  Yep, you can be selfish and no one will even know you are being selfish.  From now on, you must put yourself first when it comes to your weight loss. I give you permission to go to your Weight Watcher meetings.  You can take the […]

Not Perfect

A Real Girl

No, I am not perfect. I have certainly proven that in the past few weeks with my diet and exercise.  One might say I had “fallen off the wagon.”  That is what happens when you don’t go to Weight Watcher meetings, you allow yourself to indulge one too many times, and and you don’t count […]

5K Challenge

Race for the Cure

Who wants to start exercising more?  Yep…I see those heads nod.  I think we all would like to exercise a little more.  The weather is nice and it is the perfect time to get out there and walk.  When I say 5K (3.1 miles) do some of you shake your head and say “No way!”?  […]