Be Thankful – November 2014 Goals

A goal without a plan is just a wish

November is here.  With November comes Thanksgiving and with Thanksgiving comes thanks. This has been a very hard year for me.  I am hoping the end of the year turns out better than the rest but only time will tell.  Time and decisions made in the next two months. Isn’t life all about decisions?  One […]

2014 Is My Year and I Am So Excited

2014 a fresh start

You will not believe how excited I am that we are starting a new year! Whoo Hoo! I strongly believe that this is MY year to make things happen and to finally get healthy. I started last year and got down the healthy road a little and then the holidays hit. I don’t do the […]

In 2013, I Will… {UPDATED}

It Sux To Be Fat 2013 Goals

UPDATE:  2013 is in the books.  Another year has gone and I didn’t reach my goals.  I had some unexpected changes happen with my job and things did not go as planned.  However, it was not a total wash.  I will post what I learned in 2013 in a different post.  Now, I just want […]

Winter Break 2013

Keep Calm Because It's Officially Christmas Break

Happy Christmas Break to all the teachers and students out there!  I don’t know about you but I am ready for two weeks off! Yesterday was an amazing day of appreciation and gifts and hugs and loves from my students.  I forgot what the day before Christmas break was like in the classroom.  The gifts […]

Summer 2013 Goals – {Mid Summer Update}

Summer Goals 2013

UPDATE:  Summer is over half over!  AGGGGGHHHHH……  Where did it go?  Time truly goes by so fast!  I have really enjoyed my summer and I am ready to tackle the next three weeks to be successful and end the summer on  a good note.  I have updated this post with how I am doing on […]

Four Ways to Show Love

Love is a Verb. WIthout action it is merely a word.

Happy “LOVE” week.  Since

WHY do you want to lose weight?

People are so worried about what they eat between Christmas and the New Year, but they really should be worried about what they eat between the New Year and Christmas!

Well…it’s that time of year.  Christmas is over and we all start looking toward January 1.  I think most Americans see the new year as a time to reflect on what changes they want to make that year and how they will do things differently.  I also think for most Americans “lose weight” comes to […]

Be Proactive NOT Reactive – Weekly Weigh In

My Weight Watchers Thanksgiving Goal to lose 10 pounds in order to fit better in my clothes

Tonight at Weight Watchers it was just what I needed.  I needed to laugh, share, get ideas and weigh in.  It gets my week off on the right track and gets my mind focused.  Also, after the day I had, I needed to laugh and have some “me time.” Do you take “me time?”  Do […]

March Madness

Reaching Your Goal

March is here and I am calling this month March Madness because it is time to STOP – THE – MADNESS! To me. March means my sister’s birthday, my first half-marathon and getting one month closer to summer break! This month, I am going to make small, meaningful goals to try and get myself back on track. […]

No Excuses – Weekly Weigh In

Setting Yearly Goals at Chick-fil-A

Monday, my weigh in day was a day off of work for me.  It was the celebration of Martin Luther King Jr, so, as a teacher, I had the day off work! I started my day off with a nice long walk/run.  That was a great way to spend my morning off work!  Then, I […]