Just Live Leggings

Just Live Leggings

Exercise is so important now that summer is just around the corner!  Although the pollen is at an all time high, I am thankful to have a treadmill I can walk/run on.  I don’t know about you but I love a good pair of leggings.  Being the “not so skinny” self that I am, I […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Stephanie Mojica

Stephanie Before and After Weight Loss

Today I am featuring Stephanie.  She has lost over 50 pounds and has turned her health around because of it!  I can relate to her story so much because I also suffer from PCOS and infertility.  I love her story and I know you will too!  Check her out!   Tell us a little about […]

Leave a Legacy

Lara and her running partners

Here is a word of inspiration from one of my Sparkle Peeps, Lara… The other day, Jacynta asked me to think about my legacy. While it would be easy to say health, or wellness, I’m actually leaving running as my legacy. That’s right….running! If someone had told me 2 years ago, that I would be […]

Glow Run 5K

Glow Run 5k

I love 5k’s.  I feel they are a great distance and just about anyone, walkers or runners can do them and feel successful! I also love 5k’s with a “theme.”  My sister, niece and myself did the Color Me Rad Run last year.  It was a blast!  So much fun and so interesting.  Not your […]

Color Me Rad 5K Run – Giveaway

Color Me Rad

I have always wanted to do a “Color Run.”  There is just something super intriguing about walking/running a 5k while being sprayed with color.  I have seen pictures on Facebook and on other bloggers pages and it looks like a blast!  You start looking like this: And come back looking like this: You can imagine […]

Weight Loss Success Story: Cherie Steffen

Weight Loss Success Story Cherie Lost 86 pounds

Today’s success story comes from another blogger, Cherie.  She blogs over at Cherie Runs This. She has successfully lost 85 pounds and has adopted a whole new lifestyle with healthy eating and exercise. This is who she USED to be: Check her out now: Isn’t she a knockout?!?  Wow!  You are going to love her […]

Silver Comet Half Marathon – Race Recap

Silver Comet Trail Half Marathon

I did it.  I ran my second half marathon this weekend. Did I love it?  No. Did I have my best time ever?  No. Am I glad I did it?  Absolutely. This Saturday I ran the Silver Comet Half Marathon. The race started at 7:45.  As we pulled in around 7:30, I was a tad […]

I’m Gonna Do It

Running is a big question mark that's there each and every day.

I have been very wishy-washy lately. Should I?  Shouldn’t I?  Should I?  Shouldn’t I? Well…yesterday afternoon I made the decision. I’m going to run the half-marathon I signed up for on Saturday. Oh…wait.  You didn’t know I was considering NOT running it?  Well, I was.  I had so much self doubt in my head that […]

Listen to Your Body

Listen to your body. Know when to say No!

I didn’t do my 6 mile run tonight.  I just can’t. I mean technically I “could.”  But I just don’t think I should.  My body is saying, “NO!” I had a horrible night last night.  I was up half the night with an upset stomach.  Then, today, I just didn’t feel good at certain points […]

8 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule

Don't Fall Out - Silver Comet Trail Half Marathon

Here I am again.  I signed up for my second half marathon back in March, right after I did my first half marathon.  I don’t know if I was crazy or smart. I guess it is a good thing I went ahead and signed up early because if I had left the sign up until […]