MealEnders – Giveaway [Closed – Winner Announced]

MealEnders Giveaway

So…you want to try these fabulous MealEnders for yourself? I don’t blame you!  I think we can all use a little help in not over-eating! All you have to do to enter is visit the Rafflecopter below.  The contest will run from tonight until Saturday night at Midnight.  I will announce a winner next Sunday, […]

MealEnders – Review

MealEnders Wrappers

At work, I eat in a teacher’s lounge.  On the table are peppermints.  Each day, after I finished eating my salad, I would grab a peppermint.  It was a nice sweet ending to my meal.  Back when I was eating sweets, I would always want desserts after a meal.  I swear I was just like […]

It’s More About What You EAT

You can't out exercise a bad diet

Have you ever heard that you can’t out exercise a bad diet? For the first 75 pounds or so of the 104 I lost, I only walked.  Occasionally.  I still lost over 75 pounds walking…occasionally. My sister talked about how hard it was for her to walk the Color Me Rad 5k.  I was so […]

My First Diet Test

Katherine in Dollywood with her daughter

I went out of town over the weekend and had my first real test on how I would do with my eating plan, out of my normal environment. It was a huge diet fail. I didn’t just fail, I failed miserably. I went to Dollywood in Tennessee with my daughter’s 7th grade chorus trip. I […]


Success Through Failure

“Failing is not in the fall but in the choice not to get up!” To say I have fallen in the past two weeks would be an understatement.  I have basically not counted Weight Watcher points and have made some very bad choices.  Earlier I posted about not being perfect but this was different from […]

Waiting for You


What is your destiny?  It is waiting for you. The best part is, you get to choose it.  It is a CHOICE.  I decided two years and almost four months ago that I was NOT going to have the destiny I was headed for.  I decide on a daily basis that I WILL continue to […]

Not Perfect

A Real Girl

No, I am not perfect. I have certainly proven that in the past few weeks with my diet and exercise.  One might say I had “fallen off the wagon.”  That is what happens when you don’t go to Weight Watcher meetings, you allow yourself to indulge one too many times, and and you don’t count […]

Live Before you Die

Jen as Teacher of the Year

Are you an active participant or just a bystander in life? Lately there have been lots of people I know that have had deaths in their immediately family.  I am not talking old grandparents.  I am talking 60’s, 50’s, or even 30’s.  Tragic deaths that do not make sense.  There has been a lot of […]

Happy FAT Tuesday

Fat Tuesday

Happy FAT Tuesday! I wasn’t really sure what that meant (I knew it had to do with Mardi Gras) so I did a little research and found out that “Fat Tuesday” is another name for Mardi Gras.  It is basically the day before lent starts and everyone eats up all the sugar, fat and eggs […]