Struggling with Weight Loss? Stop Squirming!

Breathe In Breathe Out Relax

Anyone else out there struggling?  Good Lord it is only November 8 and already I am feeling the “holiday bulge!”  And technically I have only made it through Halloween! I have been struggling lately.  What else is new, right?  I have been struggling big time with emotional eating and excuses.  Anyone out there with me? […]

What Do YOU Need From YOU?

All the advice in the world will never help you until you help yourself.

Sorry I have been a bit MIA this week.  I went back to work Monday and have very little time for ME this week.  It will be like that for a few weeks so please be patient and bear with me.  I will be back more consistently when work settles down and I get back […]

Reset Button

Until God opens the next door, praise Him in the hallway

So, after yesterday’s post, I have had lots of time to think and pray and see what I need to do to start living again.  Everyone’s response has been incredible.  THAT is why I share those hard times.  Not just so I feel all of YOUR love but maybe, just maybe there is someone else […]

Turn Your “Can” Into “Will”

If you want to accomplish anything in life

I am struggling. It is the same vicious cycle. I will have a conversation with myself in the mornings (usually when I am in the shower) and talk about how good I am going to do that day. I am going to make good choices and track, track, track. I give myself this big ole’ […]

Thankful for Jennifer and Red Lights

Jacynta Harb, Wellness Coaching

We had the BEST time ever at our very first Sparkle event! Once a month, I reward my amazing clients with a fun night of learning, laughter and inspiration. Everyone loved watching Chef Will prepare two tasty and healthy recipes before our very eyes. We tasted a yummy quinoa meat loaf and delectable date balls. […]

Things I’ve Learned on Medifast

enjoy the little things in life

I really like Medifast. I really like how I lose weight on Medifast. I have struggled over the last few weeks with the snow, cold days and all of the disruptions in my life. I have finally gotten over my snow debacle this last week and am finally enjoying being back on program and seeing […]

Commitment is Mine

commitment posted on refrigerator

Happy Valentine’s Day!!!!!! Love is in the air, right? Well at least for some people anyway. My husband is not very romantical so it has never been a big holiday around my house. Oh well….. Today, I am going to talk about commitment. You can think of this word in different settings. Like today for […]

The Power of JUST One Word

Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle

Don’t you just love it when someone says something nice to you?!?  Your face lights up, your heart is full and it just makes you feel good. All it took was words, well…kind words, positive words. Now, the opposite is true as well. When we hear unpleasant words, we tend to feel bad, retreat and […]

Top Six Ways to Get Motivated and Stay Motivated

People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.

What is motivation? Motivation is like a fire burning inside of you. Sometimes when things are going great, it is blazing! And other times it’s smoldering and you are not feeling good about yourself. But, it really never completely dies out and most times, you just need a log added and then it comes back […]

Spark the Fire – Weekly Weigh In

Success is not the Result of Spontaneous Combustion. You must set yourself on fire!

This post is actually my weekly weigh in from LAST week.  Since my site was switching servers and I was unable to post, I thought I would share it with you this week.  I didn’t make it to my weigh in due to a work obligation so it all worked out.  Just know that this […]