Spring Cleaning with Balance Bars – Review

Spring Cleaning with Balance Bars and J.R. Watkins

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!!!  I just got back late last night from an overnight field trip to Jekyll Island 4-H Center.  Right before I left, I got a package from Balance Bar that helped me tremendously while I was gone.  They sent me some Dark Chocolate Protein Bars to try and let me tell […]

Perky Jerky – Review

Perky Jerky

I have always loved beef jerky and turkey jerky!  I think you are either a fan of it or you are not.  One day, at the gym, Larry was eating some kind of weird fish jerky.  No thanks!  I even tried deer jerky before but that was a bit tough. So, when the guys over […]

Pack a Snack – Weekly Weigh In

December 3 Weight Watchers Weigh In at 189.2

How in the world is it Friday already?!? This week flew by and I missed it. Well, I didn’t really miss it but I was so busy with life that I forgot all about you. Well, not really – I couldn’t ever forget about you. However, Season 2 of the show, 24, had me enthralled […]

NatureBox – Review

NatureBox July

Here’s the deal… How would you like it if someone went to the grocery store, or Traders Joes for you and bought you 4-6 bags of yummy, all-natural snacks?  You didn’t have to do anything except sit at home and wait for them to bring the snacks to you.  You have already given them money […]

Snikiddy Snacks – Review [Video]

Snikiddy Grilled Cheese Puffs

The people over at Snikiddy contacted me and asked if I would try their product.  I am sometimes leery of “healthy” snacks that are not actually healthy at all.  After looking at their website, I decided these snacks could be a healthy alternative and decided to try a few samples. After the samples arrived, I knew exactly […]

That’s It Fruit Bars Announcement and Free Coupon

Fruit + Fruit = That's It!

Today is a big day for both Whole Foods and That’s It Fruit Bars! I did a post about That’s It Fruit bars a little while back.  Well, now, instead of ordering them online, you can actually just head on over to your local Whole Foods and pick them up! How cool and convenient is […]

Tell Others

Life Goes On

Yesterday was a horrible eating day for me.  Oh…and that whole “giving up sweets” thing.  Yeah…that hasn’t happened.  I told you I’m an addict. Anywho…I don’t even want to know how many calories I consumed yesterday.  Have you ever been in a situation and did really bad and then said, “ Oh well, screw the […]

Weight Watchers Popped Barbeque Potato Crisps – Review

Weight Watchers Popped Barbeque Potato Crisps

I don’t normally review products that can’t be found in grocery stores.  I like for people EVERYWHERE to be able to find the products I review.  Then, it dawned on me that these potato crisps can be found EVERYWHERE!  Plus, I just had to share these with you because…I AM TOTALLY ADDICTED! A few weeks […]

Welch’s Fruit and Yogurt Snacks – Review

Welch's Fruit and Yogurt Snacks

I have found a new sweet snack that I love –  Welch’s fruit and yogurt snacks.  I am not a huge fan of fruit snacks but these are totally yummy and different. I first had these at my sister’s house after she had bought them for her children.  I looked up the Weight Watcher’s Points […]

Pretzel Crisps – Review [Video]

Pretzel Crisps

I recently found a yummy product that I have been loving!  They are Pretzel Crisps by the Snack Factory.  My favorite flavor is the buffalo wing.  To dip in hummus, I prefer the original.  The pretzel crisps come in five flavors:  Original, sesame, everything, garlic parmesan, and buffalo wing.  They are three Weight Watchers points […]