What happens when your WHY changes?

I want to inspire people.

We all have a WHY when we start losing weight.  There is an initial reason WHY we go all gung ho and full speed ahead.  For me, my initial reason was because I wanted to start a family and I thought my weight was hindering me from getting pregnant.  That was my WHY when I […]

Healthcare – Another Reason to Stay HEALTHY!

Americans over the Holidays

My company had open enrollment a few weeks ago.  MANY changes have happened due to the Affordable Care Act.  This is NOT a political post so I will not go into my personal feelings on politics.  However, I will tell you that my open enrollment was frustrating and really made a specific point to me… […]

In 2012 I Will…{Updated}

Photo from Google

LOOK UNDER EACH GOAL TO SEE THE END OF THE YEAR UPDATE! The past week has been all about people either embracing New Year’s Resolutions or saying they aren’t going to make them because no one ever keeps them. I have been pondering these two options in my mind over the past week and trying […]

A Mother’s Day Letter

Mom and Jen

I have talked about my amazing mother in past posts and with Mother’s Day being today, I thought it would be appropriate to hear directly from her. I asked her to write me a letter about my healthiness journey. Here is a letter written directly from my mom’s heart. Dear Jennifer, As your mom, I […]

Let the Game Begin

Never let the odds keep you from doing what you know in your heart you were meant to do

Call me crazy….but…. I joined another weight loss competition! For those of you that haven’t read all the way back to my very FIRST post, EVER, you wouldn’t know that I had done a competition before.  Actually, I did two.  One through Facebook and one through work.  The one through work I actually ran and […]

Just an Hour

While I work out, I watch television.  It help pass the time and I have found that if I watch a drama or a movie, I can get really involved in the movie and not even realize how far I have gone.  So, I have been catching up on my fourteen, yes fourteen, Grey’s Anatomy […]

Not an XL Any More

Jen at Boosterthon

It is that time of year at our school again.  Time for a Boosterthon Fundraiser!  For those of you who do not know what Boosterthon is, it is a fundraiser that teaches kids values and helps raise money for the school.  It also teaches them to live healthier through exercise. Two years ago, I was […]

Top 10 Exer-scuses!

No Exercise

We all have them, we all know them, and we all LOVE to use them.  Exer-scuses!  Reasons why we just can’t possibly exercise today, tomorrow, this week, or possibly EVER.  I have compiled a list of the top ten exer-scuses that were given to me when I polled Facebook.  Here are the great excuses I […]

Stuck in Reverse

Tears Stream Down Your Face

Last night Jason and I were watching the show, The Voice on TV.  One of our favorite singers sang a song by Coldplay called Fix You.  Here is a You Tube video with the lyrics.  I would recommend watching the You Tube video before reading my post, especially if you are not familiar with the […]

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer – Review [Video]

MiO Liquid Water Enhancer

MiO liquid water enhancer is a new product that I recently found at the grocery store.  It comes in six exciting flavors.  You can choose fruit punch, berry pomegranate, mango peach, peach tea, sweet tea, or strawberry watermelon.  I have tried both the fruit punch and berry pomegranate. Use MiO water enhancer to add flavor […]