Video Diary Entry #34

Video Diary Entry 34

Today was a good day until I realized that a co-worker at work was upset with me.  That, along with “my friend” coming today, I ate some Chex Mix on the way home from the grocery story.  Hello, emotional eating!  I was doing so well without you!  I don’t plan for you to hang around […]

Struggling with Weight Loss? Stop Squirming!

Breathe In Breathe Out Relax

Anyone else out there struggling?  Good Lord it is only November 8 and already I am feeling the “holiday bulge!”  And technically I have only made it through Halloween! I have been struggling lately.  What else is new, right?  I have been struggling big time with emotional eating and excuses.  Anyone out there with me? […]

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I can and I will

Well. I have been putting this blog post off. I am having an issue getting myself together and just doing what I know needs to be done. I have been struggling lately with depression, sickness among a couple of my close friends, family junk that people have sometimes and I am feeling completely like a […]

Emotional Eating – How to Identify It and Deal With It

Whatever Happens, Life Goes On

I got a phone call last night.  It was my husband on his way home from work.  He has had quite a bit of work related stress for the past few weeks and I am his “safe place” to talk to about it and vent.  As soon as he started venting, I found myself in […]

A Tale of Abuse – Medifast Weekly Weigh In

Eat to live, do not live to eat

Have you ever been in a relationship? It should be kind and loving and beautiful. Not all relationships are like that, but that is what I strive for in one. I have a story about a relationship that I have had. My relationship with food….. It started out as a fairly normal relationship. It was […]

Top 10 Ways to Handle Stress

Dear Stress, Let's Break Up!

I had a very stressful day on Friday.  My principal decided to move lots of teachers out of their current grade levels into new ones.  “Lots” of teachers included my best friend Kristen and yours truly.  Say hello to a new fifth grade teacher.  No, I have never taught fifth grade before.  So, with that […]

Get Out Of That Funk!

Its Just a Bad Day. Not a Bad Life.

So, to say I have been in a funk lately would be quite an understatement.  I have been in a major funk and it has lasted a lot longer than funks normally last. I’m not sure if it is the weather, stress, lack of exercise, lack of eating right, or HELL – ALL OF THE […]

What a Week

12 Indicative Signs of Emotional Eating

There will be no weekly weigh in today.  I’m sorry.  I had good intentions to go on Wednesday, knowing I couldn’t go today but stuff happens.  In fact, this has pretty much been the week from you-know-where! I have worked EVERYDAY except Monday.  That’s not the bad part, in fact, that’s pretty normal (not for […]

No Point In Hiding – Weekly Weigh In

Photo from Pinterest

No point in hiding.  You will always have to come out eventually and when you do, it won’t be pretty. I spent last week hiding from reality.  I skipped my Monday night Weight Watchers meeting…which I never do.  I ate out almost the entire week…which I never do.  I drank diet coke…which I never do. […]

Throw It Away!


Last week was an interesting week in terms of eating.  I did okay all day long and then at night, there was something that was calling my name from the refrigerator. I told you about the baby shower where I made these cute cupcakes: Well, as you know, cupcakes MUST have frosting on them.  I […]