Summer is Coming!

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Happy Mother’s Day!  I had an amazing day celebrating with my mom and my siblings.  We had a yummy lunch of hamburgers and hotdogs and salad and veggies!  It was a nice, relaxing day with lots of good talking. It dawned on me that summer is really almost here.  Time for bathing suits and flip […]

Video Diary Entry #94

It’s Thursday…you know what that means…tomorrow is Friday!  Hallelujah.  This has been a LOOOOONNNNGGGGGG week!  With the end of grade tests given this week it is has been a hard week for all teachers and students.  But…the test is almost half over! We have a new Dietbet starting this weekend!  You should really join.  Trust […]

Trust the Process – Weekly Weigh In

Weekly Weigh In January 26, 2015

If you watch my vlogs, you know that I wasn’t too stoked about this week’s weigh in.  Even though I had stayed somewhat within my calorie goal, I had not eaten very clean and I was worried it was going to show on the scale. I got on the scale Monday morning and saw this. […]

Start 2015 with a DietBet

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Happy New Year!  I don’t know what you have planned for tonight but I am going to live it up.  Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow, reality starts.  I have been reading a book that is going to transform my eating (more on that later) and I am ready to rock and roll.  In […]

Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Comparison is the thief of joy!

“Comparison is the Thief of Joy” Think about that quote for a minute.  REALLY think about it.  How often do we find ourselves comparing ourselves to others and it gets us down?  I know in life, this happens a lot! It happens at our job – Fill in the blanks – ______________ is better at […]

Is It Ever Enough – Weekly Weigh In

Weekly Weigh In

Are we ever good enough? Do we ever do enough? Do we ever give ourselves a break? Do we thank ourselves for how hard we work or how hard we love? Do we thank each other enough? Do we encourage each other enough or is it always what we are doing wrong-wrong-wrong? Are we kind […]

Lose Weight In 2014 with Dietbet

Every Accomplishment Starts with the Decision To Try

If you are like me, you feel like a busted can of biscuits.  Your jeans are a little too tight and the shirts that looked oh so fine in July are now totally showing the muffin…not just the top but the whole darn muffin! I decided that come January, I am going to need to […]

What’s Up – June 2013 Edition

Deep Sea Fishing in Destin

What’s Up? June’s almost over…that’s what.  My summer is half over…that’s what.  What’s up with you? No seriously, where in the world did June go? I am about to start a 9 Day Isagenix cleanse and I was planning out the days I would start (You have two days of pre-cleanse and then the 9 […]

Dietbet – Review

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Dietbet is a big craze right now amongst bloggers everywhere.  Have you heard of it? I have now completed three Dietbets.  Here are the outcomes of the three I participated in: Round 1:  Paid $20, Lost  8.4 pounds, Won $37.59 Round 2:  Paid $25, Lost  8.4 pounds, Won $47.37 Round 3:  Paid $25, Lost 8.2 […]

Move More – Weekly Weigh In

Weight Watchers Weekly Weigh In February 5, 2013

As I told you yesterday, I was excited to go to Weight Watchers and weigh in.  I really did well last week and pushed hard in hopes of finishing the Dietbet with a win. Well…I should have been excited because… I LOST 5.4 POUNDS!!!!!!!!!! Yep…I sure did! I weighed in at 187.2.  YIPEE!!!! I made […]