Vega Sport Protein Bar – Review

Vega Sport Protein Bar

I have really enjoyed doing Crossfit this summer.  I have averaged going about three times a week and I just feel so good when I go consistently.  I feel stronger.  I feel more powerful.  I have more energy.  I feel like I am more productive at other things when I get a good workout in! […]

Summer 2013 Goals – {Mid Summer Update}

Summer Goals 2013

UPDATE:  Summer is over half over!  AGGGGGHHHHH……  Where did it go?  Time truly goes by so fast!  I have really enjoyed my summer and I am ready to tackle the next three weeks to be successful and end the summer on  a good note.  I have updated this post with how I am doing on […]

Make Exercise a Priority


The coolest thing happened today.  I went to Crossfit. “Hold up, Jen.  You go to Crossfit a lot.  Why is that such a big deal?!?” Great question.  I had planned NOT to go.  I actually had the perfect excuse…here’s the story… My Crossfit gym is about 20 minutes from my house.  I go to that […]

I’m Having Thigh Troubles

Crossfit Workout Kelly

Holy soreness…My thighs are giving me major grief today. Yesterday’s Crossfit workout was a tough one.  I still love it.  But it was tough. Our workout was a 400 meter run.  Then, we had to do 30 box jumps.  Then, we had to do 30 wall balls. FIVE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, people….five times. I think it was […]

April 2013 Goals

Take Pride in How Far you have come and Have Faith in how Far You Can Go

Holy March!  I am so thrilled with the success I had in March, I am going to have a hard time topping it in April! My March goal was one goal and only one.  Follow the plan Larry gave to me to perfection.  I did it!  I rocked it!  I killed it!  I am in […]

March 2013 Goals {Updated}


WOW! How is it March already?!? It seems like February was just a few days ago. What are my plans for March, you ask?!? Simple. I have one goal. What?!? One goal?!? You always make several goals!! Are you ok, Jen? Yes, I am perfect. I am going to make just one goal. Knowing I […]

No Pie For Pi Day

Pi Day

Happy Pi Day! March 14. 3.14…get it? PI Day? Well, in honor of Pi Day, I will NOT be eating pie and I encourage you NOT to eat pie also. However, if you MUST eat pie, I would recommend this recipe because you can indulge without TOO much guilt. Peanut Butter Pie Now, you go […]

Love to Exercise?!?

Love your fitness, results will follow

Last night was our first “real” workout with our trainer, Larry. I was pumped! I am just so ready to lose this weight, get in shape and give it my all. I had no idea what to expect which is both fun and really hard for me.  For all you out there who are also […]

It Has Only Just Begun!

Jen Before Starting Crossfit

So last night was our first meeting with our Crossfit guy, Larry. It was great! I am pumped. I am ready. Let’s do this! Here is how it went down. We (my husband and I) got there and filled out the waiver and all the paperwork that Crossfit needs in order to be in the […]

The CrossFit Meeting that Scared Me

If We Wait Until Were Ready well be waiting for the rest of our lives

Ok people…I am officially scared and I am not sure why. Let me explain. Saturday I had a meeting with an owner of Crossfit gym that happens to be a parent at my school. A little Crossfit background – I have heard mostly about it from other blogs I read and also from my brother. […]