SmarteRita – Review

True story…

My friend Kristen and I were down at her parents house in Florida on spring break a few years back.  Her parents have a variety of “adult beverages” in the house.

One night, we were sitting around after dinner and her mom gets us to try this new thing called a “Skinny Girl Margarita ”  We are both optimistic because of the low calories so we try it.  Holy disgusting.  It was so bad that when her mom wasn’t looking, we poured our drinks into the plant that was on table (sorry, Nana).  Her mom thought we drank it but was surprised how well her plant looked for the next few weeks.  HA!

No, seriously.  It was horrible.  Bitter and awful and tasted like C-R-A-P.  So, when the SmarteRita company sent me an email and asked me if I would review their product, I was a bit skeptical.  However, they claimed in their email that they were BETTER than the Skinny Girl Margarita (I thought, wouldn’t take much!) and wanted to send me BOTH to try them out and compare.

How could I lose?

So, they hooked me up with not only their low-calorie margarita but they also sent me a bottle of Skinny Girl to taste test.

After Friday’s bomb was dropped on me at work that I would be going back into the classroom, I felt like that would be the perfect night to taste test some Margarita’s and not go off plan.

So, I got out two glasses.  Poured one kind in each glass and gave them to my husband to try.  I asked him which he liked best.  He tried both, didn’t have to think long, and responded without a doubt he preferred the sweeter one (SmarteRita.)  I didn’t tell him ahead of time which was which so I could get his true unbiased opinion.

I agreed with him.  There was no comparison that the SmarteRita was better tasting.  It was sweeter and tasted more like a genuine margartita.

SmarteRita Margarita

SmarteRita Margarita

It was actually quite delicious and my husband so graciously offered to finish off the bottle last night.

However, there is still a full bottle of Skinny Girl Margarita in my house.  If no one wants it, it is going down the drain.  How anyone can drink that is beyond me.

Anyway, back to the SmarteRita…

It has won several blind taste tests.  It is made with Silver Tequila, agave, triplesec, and all natural colors and flavors.  Also, it is only 100 calories per 4 ounce serving.  The best part is the taste.  It is really good.  Shocking considering the alternative is SO bad!

If you are looking for an alternative this summer to the “traditional” margarita, the SmarteRita is for you!  After all, the name says it all, it is Smarta!

What is your favorite adult beverage that you love finding alternatives for?

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