Influenster Go VoxBox – Review

For those of you that are not familiar with Influenster, they are a company that sends people free stuff for your opinion.  That’s it.  No strings attached.  This is actually my second box of goodies I received from them.

Influenster VoxBox

All of their boxes are called “VoxBoxes.”  This one is the “GO” VoxBox because I am active and live life, “On the Go!”

Here is a quick video of the un-boxing of the contents of the box!

Some cool stuff, huh?!?

Now, what did I actually think of all the products?  Here is a brief recap of each product and my thoughts!

First up, one of my favorite things in the box, Blue Diamond Almonds:

Influenster Go VoxBox Blue Diamond Blueberry Almonds

Jason and I have actually had these before.  They come in several flavors!  The blueberry was super yummy as well as the strawberry but our favorite are the coffee flavors!  Just be careful and don’t eat the whole bag…way too many calories!

Next up, the Pedi Rock and Shoe inserts from ProFoot.

Influenster Go VoxBox Profoot

This pedi rock is so cool!  It is soft and removes old skin beautifully for soft, smoother feet!  It was great!

The shoe inserts did not work for me.  I always wear shoe inserts in my running shoes due to a past episode of Plantar Fasciitis.  I tried these on top of the inserts that I had in my shoes and they slid round too much!  I might try them in other closed toe shoes and see if they work better!

Next they sent me some “unmentionables!”

Influenster Go VoxBox Playtex Sport

I won’t go into too much detail but these worked great especially when I was working out.  The end…

The Vitamin Shoppe sent some meal replacement shakes and a cute shaker bottle:

Influenster Go VoxBox Next Step Meal Replacement Shakes

The shaker cup was super cute but I don’t know if it works as well as the ones with the metal balls in them.  As for the shakes, they sent me vanilla, chocolate and fresh berries flavors.

Chocolate –  This one was good.  Not spectacular but good if you are in a hurry.  It was a bit watered down tasting.

Vanilla –  This one might have been my favorite.  It wasn’t a traditional vanilla flavor but more of a cake batter flavor.  It was quite tasty and I enjoyed it after a workout!

Fresh Berries –  This one has a mild berry taste.  Not overpowering with too much flavor.  It was a little watered down and had a few chunks from the lack of mixing!

I am not big any more on meal replacements but if I were, these would be a good pick.

Last up was the Muller Yogurt coupon:

Influenster Go VoxBox Muller Coupon

I had seen these yogurts before but had never tried them.  I was suprised at the amount of selection in the store.  I chose to try a Greek Yogurt with Blackberries and Raspberries.

Muller Greek Blackberry & Raspberry

I mainly chose this one due to the calories.  This one was one of the lower calorie options.  It was soooo yummy and I am so glad I chose this flavor!  The added raspberries and blueberries made it super good and creamy!  I found a new yogurt love!

There you have it.  My Go VoxBox from Influenster.

Influenster Go VoxBox

Have you tried any of these products?  If so, which ones and what did you think?

If you want to be a part of the Influenster program, leave a comment with your email and I will make sure you get an invite!  First come first served!


All products were sent to me by Influenster to review.  No money was exchanged for this post!

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