Headbands of Hope – Review

When is a headband BETTER than any other headband?!?  When $1 of every single sale goes to help beat childhood cancer, that’s when!

Jessica started Headbands of Hope when she was in college!  She participated in a summer internship with the Make a Wish Foundation and little did she know, that internship would forever change her life and the lives of thousands of children forever.

It was all started after spending some time with a little girl named Renee, wearing a Sleeping Beauty costume, and forever changing a little girl’s life.  Read the story HERE but get ready with some tissues!

It was during the simple act of pulling her own hair into a ponytail that she realized hundreds of girls will lose their hair to cancer every year.  Little girls like Tori:

Tori with Headbands of Hope

How cute is she?!?!

She began to realize how much losing one’s hair has an impact on self esteem and self image.  Young girls struggle with self image issues already.  To have to go through a life threatening illness AND lose your hair must be devastating.

Here is where Headbands of Hope comes in.

This non-profit organization gives $1 of every sale to the St. Baldrick’s Foundation to help fight childhood cancer.  Not only that, they also donate a headband to a girl going through cancer treatments so she can look and feel beautiful!  When you buy a headband, you help change the lives of little girls everywhere!

Not only is this an amazing organization but their headbands are so stinkin’ cute!

They have TONS of headbands for girls and even adults.

Headbands of Hope

Hannah wearing a Classic Shabby and Haleigh and I are wearing the Go Glitter!

They have glitter headbands, “Go Glitter”, for working out in 14 colors!

Glitter Options from Headbands of Hope
They have “Classic Shabby” which have a thick band with adorable flowers on them.

Bella Band Headband from Headbands of Hope
They offer the same look with a thin band called “Skinny Shabby!”

Skinny Shabby Headband from Headbands of Hope
There are also cute headbands with bows and even some beaded ones.

Bow Headband from Headbands of Hope

They are constantly changing designs and colors to keep the styles updated and offer variety to their customers.

You must go check out their website and order some headbands for yourself, your friends, and any female you know.  You get to look adorable and help others.  It’s a win-win!

Have you ever heard of Headbands of Hope?  If so, have you bought any?


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