Dietbet – Review

Dietbet is a big craze right now amongst bloggers everywhere.  Have you heard of it?

I have now completed three Dietbets.  Here are the outcomes of the three I participated in:

Round 1:  Paid $20, Lost  8.4 pounds, Won $37.59

Round 2:  Paid $25, Lost  8.4 pounds, Won $47.37

Round 3:  Paid $25, Lost 8.2 pounds, Won $46.57

Those odds are not too shabby, huh?!?

So, here are the ins and outs of how Dietbet works.

Everyone who “buys in,” puts in the required money to join.  As you can see, my favorite amount is a $25 buy in.  There are some games that have much higher stakes like $50, $75 or $100.

After you decide to join, you pay via Paypal to place your bet.

In order to weigh in, you must turn in two photos.  The first photo is a full length pic of you standing on the scale.

Dietbet Full Body Weigh In

Dietbet Full Body Weigh In

The second  photo is up close of the number on the scale along with a “secret word.”

Dietbet Up Close Weigh In

Dietbet Up Close Weigh In

The word is what tells them you are actually weighing in on the day you say you are weighing in.  It helps keep people “honest.”

Once the game starts, EVERYONE who loses at least 4% of their starting weight during the 4 week competition, wins a portion of the pot.  If you want to figure out what 4% of your starting weight would be, take your current weight and multiply it by 0.04.  That will give you the number of pounds you would have to lose during the competition.

All throughout the competition, people encourage and motivate one another to try and make their goal.  There is a true sense of comradery and everyone wants everyone to reach their goal.  I love how you get to know these people without actually “knowing” any of them!

Then, you get two days to submit your final weight.  The same two pictures need to be taken – one of you standing on the scale and another up close of the number on the scale including a new secret word.

Within a day, they will verify your final weigh out and you will get a confirmation email.

Dietbet Winner Email

After the Dietbet ends, they will submit money into your account so you can either request a payout or enter a new Dietbet and lose more weight.

Another great thing is you can join more than one.  That way, you can lose the weight for many at the same time.  Makes better odds (as long as you lose the weight).

Overall, I love Dietbet.  I think it motivates people to stay on track and lose the weight in order to win.  Plus, it seems that no matter how many people are in the group, you usually double your pay.  Can’t beat that!

Have you used Dietbet before?  What do you think of it?

Are you interested in joining a Dietbet?  I am starting ItSuxToBeFat’s Round 4 that will start in a week!  Won’t you join us to lose some weight and look great before summer?

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