End of the School Year Party Treats – Recipes

With three kids going through elementary school in the past years, I have somehow ended up as a room mom for one of their classes each year. This year I was one of two for my son’s fourth grade class. Let me first describe his school to you. We live in a city district so we have very large schools. His elementary school is just grades 3-5 and they have as many as 12-14 classes per grade. They break the kids up and they end up having two teachers for the year and end up calling each other their switch classes (because they switch half day between the two).

Apparently in our switch class we had a very put together “Pinterest-y’ mom. Is pinteresty a word? LOL. Anyway, she came up with some of the cutest party ideas. For our holiday party in December we had a full hot chocolate bar. It had everything from things to put in your hot chocolate to chocolate dipped marshmellows and chocolate dipped spoons to stir with. It was kind of cute but kind of crazy all at the same time.

Well, I happened to get pictures of our end of the school year party and everything ended up being super cute. I was told we were having a yogurt bar but it ended up being so much cuter than that.

I was asked to bring in fruit kabobs. Can I just tell you I actually enjoyed making these and had the whole family involved. I started out by cutting up all of the fruit first and putting it all in seperate bowls. Of course all 3 of my kids wanted to help me put the fruit on. We must have looked like we were having fun because even my husband jumped in to help. All I did was cut up strawberries, cantaloupe, and pineapple.  I ended up buying some grapes and my daughter picked those off their vine for me and washed them while I was cutting up the others. After that we just assembled them onto skewers. So much fun, so easy to do, and so healthy for you and kids. This was our finished product:

fruit kabobs

You could do these for school, birthday parties, holidays, just about any occasion. I do have to mention that at almost every school party I will offer to bring fruit. I know my child will choose fruit over almost any other sweet option and these kids love fruit. I actually had a little boy ask me if he could take the rest home for later. I said yes and gave him the leftovers. There weren’t that many though. I’m serious, these kids love the fruit.

hampton eating fruit

This is my son, Hampton, enjoying is fruit kabob.

Now, onto the yogurt bar part. They made the yogurt into a really cute beach scene. They placed the yogurt in a clear wide top cup. Used crushed cheerios mixed with some brown sugar for the sand. Put in a teddy graham bear, a chewy lifesaver for a ball or life perserver, a cut up piece of fruit by the foot for the towel and topped it off with a little drink umbrella. I’m telling you it was seriously cute.

yogurt beach cup

They also had a waffle station where they had waffles topped with chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and whipped cream. That part wasn’t the healthiest but it all made for a great end of the year party. I just wanted to give you some cute party ideas with a little bit of healthy thrown in.

What are some of your favorite healthy treats for parties?