Puritan’s Pride #SeasonalSmoothie October Giveaway [Closed – Winner Announced]

Puritan's Pride October Giveaway

Did you get a chance to check out my Hershey Bar Protein Shake Recipes?  If not, you should.  Like now! In those shakes, I used some amazing … Continue reading >>

Be Thankful – November 2014 Goals

A goal without a plan is just a wish

November is here.  With November comes Thanksgiving and with Thanksgiving comes thanks. This has been a very hard year for me.  I am hoping the end … Continue reading >>

Hershey’s Miniature Candy Bar Protein Shakes

Hershey's Candy Bar Protein Shakes

Halloween is next week!  I don't know about you but that means C-A-N-D-Y...and lot's of it!  For those of us trying to lose weight, candy isn't really … Continue reading >>

One Day at a Time

Failure is not falling down but refusing to get up.

Guys, I am telling you, sometimes you need to take life one day at a time...especially if you are trying to lose weight and live healthier. I had a … Continue reading >>

Disney Dining with Success

Disney Family Picture

One of the happiest places on the earth can often been the saddest place too. I am talking about the magical Disney World! Many of you have been … Continue reading >>

One Victory at a Time

There is no one giant step that does it its a bunch of little steps

Today was a very stressful day.  I woke up very sick last night with stomach issues.  Spent quite a while in the bathroom.  Then, this morning, got up … Continue reading >>

Keep On Keepin’ On – Weekly Weigh In

Weekly Weigh In September 30

Last week was a good week.  It was not perfect or fabulous or wonderful but it was good.  These days, I will take good. I had big plans on the … Continue reading >>

Krusteaz Breakfast Night – Giveaway [Closed – Winner Announced]

Krusteaz Baking Mixes

I told you all how much I have enjoyed Krusteaz's baking mixes and how yummy it is to have breakfast for dinner! Since September is officially … Continue reading >>

Breakfast for Dinner with Krusteaz

Krusteaz Blueberry Muffin Mix

I don't know about you but occasionally we will have breakfast for dinner (Brinner).  It is super easy and yummy and a great change in routine.  It is … Continue reading >>

Vacation Weight Loss – Weekly Weigh In

Weekly Weigh In September 18, 2014

I love going to Florida with my bff Kristen.  Not only do we have a great time, I always seem to lose weight while I am gone.  I think that just shows … Continue reading >>