Good out of the Bad

Help Others

WOW! What a wild, crazy and scary two days in Atlanta. We just experienced a SNOWJAM 2014 and it was quite challenging for a lot of people. My family … Continue reading >>

I Won’t Let A Bad Week Get Me Down – Medifast Weekly Weigh In


This has not been the best week as far as weight loss has gone. I really don't like to use excuses but I have plenty of them for such a bad … Continue reading >>

Weight Loss Success Story: Sharon Holderman

Weight Loss Success Story Sharon Before and After Photos

Tonight's success story is Sharon.  She let a weight loss competition at work springboard her into a 63 pound weight loss. This is Sharon before … Continue reading >>

Celebrate Good Times, Come On!

Celebrate Good TImes

Celebrate good times, come on! One of my favorite songs is Kool and The Gang's, Celebration! I remember dancing wildly (I do have some moves!) to … Continue reading >>

News Flash: I’m NOT a Health Expert

Be Kind Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle

This post might be a bit jumbled.  It might be a bit out there.  I just need to get my thoughts out and I appreciate you sticking by me while I get … Continue reading >>

Weight Loss Success Story: Jennifer Nice

Weight Loss Journey

Today's success story had me in tears.  Literally.  Jennifer is here to share with you her story of abuse and pain.  She suffered abuse and turned to … Continue reading >>

Do It For Your Health – Medifast Weekly Weigh In

I am ready to love my body.

As I lose weight this year, I really want to focus on my health and how I can become the healthiest version of me. I started the year off by going to … Continue reading >>

What’s Up – January 2014 Edition

Jen after a Crossfit Workout

January 16, already?!? It seems like every month the days just fly by.  The busier we are, the faster they fly.  For me, lately, they are really … Continue reading >>

Living the Dream

Hot Tamales

Watch out ladies, looks like I am "mother of the year" once again! Have you ever said that your children would NEVER do the things like other … Continue reading >>

How to Set a Realistic Weight Loss Goal

Be a Goal Digger

As many of you know, I am a teacher.  I teach fifth grade to 26 amazing kids. Last week we were beginning the process of talking about and writing … Continue reading >>