About Jennifer

My name is Jennifer.  I’m 30 something and live just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  This is me, in 2009 when I topped the scales at just over 280 pounds.

Jen in 2008

I joined Weight Watchers in 2009 in order to try and get my life back in order.  My husband and I were hoping to start a family and I knew that was going to be difficult weighing as much as I did.

I stayed committed to the program for almost three years and on October 31, 2011, I weighed in and had lost 100 pounds total.

Jen, Jacynta, and Kyle the night Jen lost 100 pounds!

I live with my husband, Jason.

Feeling Sexy

We don’t have any children but we do have a dog that we love with all our heart, Maggie.

Our shih-tzu Maggie

I am a runner and completed my first half marathon in March of 2012.

jen and amy publix georgia half marathon

I am also a full time teacher in an elementary school.  After school is over, I tutor children of all ages in both Reading and Math.

My other part time job is this blog, It Sux To Be Fat!

It Sux To Be Fat Logo

This blog was born in January of 2011.  I wanted to share with others the success and struggles that someone trying to lose over 100 pounds would face.  I am an open book here and sometimes you might just hear more about me then you care to know.

I will share with you the recipes, the reviews, the races, the triumphs, and the defeats.  We are in this journey called life together and I am here to hopefully motivate you to live it a little better.

I have not reached my goal weight yet of 160 pounds.  However, I haven’t quit.  I will continue to fight and do my best in this journey.  Will you join me?