Top 10 Exer-scuses!

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Top 10 Exer-scuses!

We all have them, we all know them, and we all LOVE to use them.  Exer-scuses!  Reasons why we just can’t possibly exercise today, tomorrow, this week, or possibly EVER.  I have compiled a list of the top ten exer-scuses that were given to me when I polled Facebook.  Here are the great excuses I got!

  1. Too tired – This one is a catch 22-You will have more energy if you exercise and then you will not be so tired.  The hardest step in overcoming being “too tired” is to just start.  Once you get started, your body will find the energy it needs to keep going.  When I was in my exercise competition, it would be late at night, I would have just worked a 12 hour day and I would NOT feel like it.  Once I made myself get on the treadmill, my body did it and it did it well.  Just make yourself start and I promise, you will get the energy you need to keep going.
  2. I have already gotten ready for the day and I don’t want to have to shower again – My suggestion for this one is to do your workout very early in the morning (before you get ready for the day) or if this is not realistic (it’s not for me during the school year) then try for later in the evening after you are all done with your day.  I like to work out right after dinner so my body has time to wind down to go to bed.  I also don’t have to worry about getting ready again because I am done with my day-all I have to do is shower and go to bed.  The shower actually calms me down so I can go to sleep faster.  Now, if neither of these is possible for you, look at it this way; Would you rather have to take an extra hour to shower and get ready again in order to live ten years longer or would you rather save the hour and die sooner?  I’ll put in the extra hour.
  3. Aches and Pains – I get this one!  I have plantar fasciitis (heel pain) and it has been a constant pain lately.  The pain got so bad that I went to see a foot doctor who gave me some medication and some shoe inserts to wear (No Chacos or Yellow Box cute flip flops for me this summer!).  I also have hip pain after I run.  When I was burning 1,000 calories a day on the treadmill, the hip pain got so bad at night that I couldn’t sleep.  So, needless to say, I “get” this excuse!  Although, I do have a pool available where I can swim laps and I have workout DVDs with very low impact I could do.  But, who wants to do that when you can use the excuse that you are in too much pain to workout.  Sounds like a good one, right?  Wrong…there are always other options available no matter what your aches and pains.  Be creative!
  4. Gyms are expensive and too crowded – I agree 100% on this one.  They are way to expensive and way over crowded especially right after work.  You don’t have to go to a gym.  There are so many good workout DVDs now that will work just as well as a gym.  P 90-x royally kicked my booty last summer and all of that was done in my house…even though I had a gym membership.  Jason and I were paying almost $70 a month to LA Fitness to not go.  What we decided to do was cancel our membership and buy a treadmill.  Then, we plopped it right in the middle of our bedroom (attractive don’t ya think?).  No excuses!  Now, I enjoy watching my favorite, mindless shows while I jog at night.  This excuse won’t work for me any more.  On a side note, I also don’t like the feeling of other people watching me work out.  Now, I can run in sports bra and shorts and let my fat bounce around and no one cares!  Yeah!
  5. I will do it tomorrow – Hey, guess what people?  Tomorrow never comes.  This is the best excuse ever because it will NEVER get here.  Don’t wait.  Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today!  Just Do IT!
  6. BORING – I combat this one with the shows I watch.  Once, I got so into the movie I chose to watch during my workout that I forgot what I was doing.  By the time I looked down again, I had gone half a mile without even realizing it.  If you don’t have the luxury of a TV in front of where you workout, make a great playlist on your I-pod to keep you moving.  Buy some workout DVDs and change them up when you start to get bored.  Find some alternate activities other than “the usual” to keep it exciting.  Go for a hike, take a swim, ride a bike, garden.  Be creative and have fun with it.
  7. Children-I got “they take up too much of my time”, I heard “they get sick every time I go to the gym”, and “they are home for summer so I can’t just leave and get away from them!”  Children do take a lot of time.  I get that.  I don’t actually “get” it because I don’t have any children.  I know how much time a husband and a dog-ter take up!  Use your exercise time as your time “alone.”  Use it to get away and clear your head.  I know of moms who go very early in the morning or later in the evening.  Let hubby take care of them while you are gone.  Trust me, those kids would love some one on one time with their father.  Are you a single parent?  Take the kids with you.  I am sure your kids would LOVE it if you suggested going to swim at the pool or going on a hike.  Your kids crave exercise just like we do.  Take them on an adventure somewhere other than the Wii, X-Box, or PlayStation takes them!
  8. There is always something else better to do-I loved this quote from the Facebook poll “I HATE to exercise but I like to drink margaritas and eat Mexican food!’  Oh, isn’t that so true?  Of course, we would all rather do something else, anything else!  This is a great excuse!  But, we FEEL so much better after we exercise.  We will have more energy to do those other things and will be more productive.  This one is all about choice.  You must actively choose to put yourself first above those “other” things.  Choose to put your health first.
  9. Don’t like the pain the workout brings during and after– Yes, sometimes workouts can be painful!  Actually, the more painful the workout, the better the workout.  But, also, the pain will subside.  The more you exercise, the more your body will adapt.  Take yesterday for example, I had one of the best workouts yet on my Nordic Track.  I actually jogged 2.5 miles without stopping.  This is huge for me!  I used to barely be able to walk 2.5 miles without feeling like I was going to die.  My body adapted to the jogging and now, it is much easier.  If you have body pain that doesn’t get better, make sure you go and get checked out by a doctor.  Sometimes we need help to help recover.  Take my foot pain for instance, it is so much better since the medication and the shoe inserts.  Your body should adjust to the pain of the workout but if it doesn’t, go see a doctor.
  10. I don’t have time! –This is the one we hear, all the time.  You DO have time, but you are going to have to sacrifice.  You will either have to sacrifice sleep, watching something on television, or going out with friends.  You have to sacrifice in order to put your health and happiness first.  Get up early, extra early, and workout before work.  If anyone wants to complain about what time that would be, talk to a teacher that gets up at 4:00 every day to workout before being at work at 7:00.  My favorite time to workout is while dinner is in the oven.  Put dinner in the oven, then go workout.  Then, when it is ready, you are done and can enjoy the rest of your evening.  You DO have time!  You just have to find it!

There will always be an excuse as to “why” you can’t possibly work out.  It is time to stop with the excuses and take action.  Do it for your children, do it for your husband, and do it for YOU.  YOU deserve it.  YOU deserve what it takes to get your body moving.

What is your favorite way to exercise?  Share with all of us so we can get some new ideas and mix it up!  I have heard how much fun Zumba is.  Maybe this year I will try some Zumba!  Share your thoughts and have an active Thursday!

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