The Playout

Here is a fun post from my client, Suzette!  Enjoy!

I was lucky to have grown up in a family of competitive athletes so sports and exercise have always been fun. As a result, I think we need to change workouts to playouts.

Do you remember when you were 5 and you would race your siblings or friends? Even if you knew you wouldn’t win, your heart thought you could and you ran as hard as you could, filled with the joy of the race. When you didn’t win, you would cry. As soon as the disappointment lifted, you just knew you would win the next time.  I love exercising as it really is play to me and even though, I generally compete against myself, the joy of that 5 year old is still there.

Over the years, I have been in different weight loss groups and people are inspired by the amount I exercise or think I am totally nuts. If everyone could think of exercise as a game, I think they would have fun!

At Sparkle, a lot of us have Fitbits. This is a great game as it’s you vs. your Fitbit: if you meet your step goal, you win and if you don’t, your Fitbit wins. My Fitbit is set at 20,000 steps but I add the further challenge of 25,000 in my head, which I get most days to add another layer of challenge. My daughter who is not a fan of exercise, wanted a Fitbit because she had so much fun helping me get steps as we ran circles around an aloft hotel room one night. When I walk, I am always searching for something. If I am at the beach it can be the perfect shell. I am in Colorado now where I hike 6 miles up and down the mountain every morning and the whole time, I am scanning the mountains for deer, elk and bears.

Colorado WorkoutsWorking out with family and friends can always make exercise seem more like play. When we are in Colorado, my mother, daughter and I take pilates classes and work out with a personal trainer. We had a 90 minute personal training session yesterday and by the laughter arising from the basement, you would have thought there were 5 year olds playing down there not women aged 80, 56 and 22 playing out. I think it is the first time I have ever been told to run or put my hands on the wall in my parents’ house. Katy set up agility and balance races and we lifted weights, did pushups and other things that felt like games so we worked really hard but laughed hard too. Afterwards, we all felt good from playing hard.

Now, what can you do to turn your workout into a playout!?!

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