Girls on the Run – Atlanta

For the last 14 weeks of my life, I have committed myself to an amazing program, Girls on the Run. Girls on the Run is a national organization that was started by a lady named Molly Barker.  When Molly was young, she felt the pressures that young girls often feel to “fit in.”  She found […]

Live With No Regrets

How many times do we say, I sure regret that workout?!?  We don’t! That’s because we always feel great when we are done working out. Check out THIS post on Fitness Magazine’s site and tell me what you think! So many times I regret a bad decision or wish I had made a different choice. […]

Silver Comet Half Marathon – Race Recap

I did it.  I ran my second half marathon this weekend. Did I love it?  No. Did I have my best time ever?  No. Am I glad I did it?  Absolutely. This Saturday I ran the Silver Comet Half Marathon. The race started at 7:45.  As we pulled in around 7:30, I was a tad […]

I’m Gonna Do It

I have been very wishy-washy lately. Should I?  Shouldn’t I?  Should I?  Shouldn’t I? Well…yesterday afternoon I made the decision. I’m going to run the half-marathon I signed up for on Saturday. Oh…wait.  You didn’t know I was considering NOT running it?  Well, I was.  I had so much self doubt in my head that […]

Listen to Your Body

I didn’t do my 6 mile run tonight.  I just can’t. I mean technically I “could.”  But I just don’t think I should.  My body is saying, “NO!” I had a horrible night last night.  I was up half the night with an upset stomach.  Then, today, I just didn’t feel good at certain points […]

Let Them Play Outside

This weekend the weather in Atlanta was beautiful.  Nice and sunny; not too hot; not too cold; low humidity.  It was just right. It was the perfect weekend to spend outside doing something active. My husband and I went outside both days.  Saturday we went outside of our neighborhood to go 4 miles.  Sunday was […]

8 Week Half Marathon Training Schedule

Here I am again.  I signed up for my second half marathon back in March, right after I did my first half marathon.  I don’t know if I was crazy or smart. I guess it is a good thing I went ahead and signed up early because if I had left the sign up until […]

Whatever You Do – Don’t Sit on the Couch

I had good intentions to start my half marathon training for a half marathon coming up in October.  I have 8 weeks to train which is the amount of time I had to train for my last one. I had good intentions on Tuesday night to do day 1 – 3 miles. It was raining. […]

Move It to Lose It

I have talked to you in the past on how exercise helps you lose weight.  I don’t think it is the main component, I think watching what you eat is.  But…exercise is important for overall health and well-being. I am always looking for ways to get in a little MORE exercise. Little things we wouldn’t […]

Take it Outside

Wednesday, was one of my few days I have to spend at home.  I love those days in the summertime because I get up early, drink some coffee while checking email and reading blogs, then eat breakfast.  After a while, I will take the dog for a walk and then exercise myself.  I get lots […]