Lola Getts Active – Plus Size Activewear

Anyone else sick and tired of not being able to fit into the workout clothes found in Target, Old Navy, or Wal-Mart? I used to be so excited about finally being able to wear the cute clothes found in these stores after losing weight.  Well, reality set in when I went to try them on. […]

How To Begin Exercising When You Haven’t In YEARS!

Who out there has not exercised in months, possibly years? Yep…that was me too! I went years without doing any form of deliberate exercise. Yes, I would walk from my car into the store.  I would walk around the store.  I would walk to the mailbox.  I would walk to the fridge and back. See…look at […]

Color Me Rad Atlanta – Race Recap

On Saturday, my niece Haleigh, my sister Katherine, my husband Jason and myself all got up at the butt crack of dawn in order to participate in the Color Me Rad 5k.  We had a nice long hour drive to get to the race so we were up at 5:15 a.m.  See…butt crack of dawn! […]

Color Me Rad 5K Run – Giveaway

I have always wanted to do a “Color Run.”  There is just something super intriguing about walking/running a 5k while being sprayed with color.  I have seen pictures on Facebook and on other bloggers pages and it looks like a blast!  You start looking like this: And come back looking like this: You can imagine […]

Make Exercise a Priority

The coolest thing happened today.  I went to Crossfit. “Hold up, Jen.  You go to Crossfit a lot.  Why is that such a big deal?!?” Great question.  I had planned NOT to go.  I actually had the perfect excuse…here’s the story… My Crossfit gym is about 20 minutes from my house.  I go to that […]

I’m Having Thigh Troubles

Holy soreness…My thighs are giving me major grief today. Yesterday’s Crossfit workout was a tough one.  I still love it.  But it was tough. Our workout was a 400 meter run.  Then, we had to do 30 box jumps.  Then, we had to do 30 wall balls. FIVE TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, people….five times. I think it was […]

Weight Watchers Activelink – My Decision to Unsubscribe

I was so excited when Weight Watchers came out with their Activelink.  I just knew it was going to be just the motivation I needed to move more.  It was available in many other states before Georgia and I waited patiently for it come to me!  I was so excited when I finally got the […]

Love to Exercise?!?

Last night was our first “real” workout with our trainer, Larry. I was pumped! I am just so ready to lose this weight, get in shape and give it my all. I had no idea what to expect which is both fun and really hard for me.  For all you out there who are also […]

The CrossFit Meeting that Scared Me

Ok people…I am officially scared and I am not sure why. Let me explain. Saturday I had a meeting with an owner of Crossfit gym that happens to be a parent at my school. A little Crossfit background – I have heard mostly about it from other blogs I read and also from my brother. […]

Tri It – Guest Post

I don’t even remember when I first discovered Swim Bike Mom.  I think it might have been through Facebook.  Whenever it was, I am so glad that I did.  She LOVES tri-athlons and weight loss!  She is such an encourage to her readers and others.  She is also a native-Georgian so a lot of the races she […]