Leave a Legacy

Here is a word of inspiration from one of my Sparkle Peeps, Lara…

The other day, Jacynta asked me to think about my legacy. While it would be easy to say health, or wellness, I’m actually leaving running as my legacy.

That’s right….running!

If someone had told me 2 years ago, that I would be a runner, I would have laughed hysterically! Running was something you only did if someone was chasing you…and even then it was doubtful. But somehow, a 30lb weight loss gave me a new found confidence and I decided to run a 5K for my son’s school.

Running a Race and Leaving a Legacy

I showed up that October morning in my stretchy running pants and took off…And I haven’t stopped since.

There is something so rewarding about waiting for that start and then taking off. It gives me time to think, clear my mind, and see some amazing places!

Lara and her running partners

Since that race, I’ve ran eight more 5K’s and one 10K (the Peachtree Road Race…my very favorite so far!) My race t-shirts are my favorites and the most expensive shoes in my closet are running shoes! But, the best part is my two sons are runners now too!

Lara and her son running a race

Zachary (17), began running with me at that first 5K. He loves it and runs every 5K he can.

Lara and her son running a race

Shawn (9) joined a youth track club because of me! They want to run races with ME! It’s a family thing! We have fun, we talk, we spend time together, and all while getting healthy and stronger. Now that’s a legacy!

Oh, and that first 5K? I came in dead last!! But it didn’t matter because my two sons were waiting for me at the finish line telling me how proud they were of me! And that’s the best win!

Isn’t she amazing?  Way to go Lara!  What a powerful legacy to be leaving to your boys!

What legacy are you leaving?

Speaking of running races…If you are in the Atlanta area and want to run a 10k with me and a few of my closest friends, consider joining us this June 21 at the Chattahoochee Nature Center for the Possum Trot.  Let me know if you want more information and you can even take $3 off the registration fee if you join our team!

Sparkle on Peeps!


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