Video Diary Entry #94

It’s Thursday…you know what that means…tomorrow is Friday!  Hallelujah.  This has been a LOOOOONNNNGGGGGG week!  With the end of grade tests given this week it is has been a hard week for all teachers and students.  But…the test is almost half over! We have a new Dietbet starting this weekend!  You should really join.  Trust […]

Video Diary Entry #93

It was good to be back at work today.  Don’t get me wrong, I love vacation but I also love routine and being active all day long.  I am going to have to work out a plan for summer so I stay moving! I have a new Dietbet starting this weekend and would love to […]

Video Diary Entry #92

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone who went back to work/school today made it ok.  I had an extra day off due to a doctor’s appointment so that was nice.  It is back to reality for me tomorrow! I am all about planning this week and have packed my lunches and snacks so I will stay […]

Video Diary Entry #91

Happy birthday to my amazing mom!  I am so lucky to live so close to my mom and get to spend at least one day a week with her.  I got to spend all day with her today and I am so thankful for that! Other than birthday celebrations, my eating has been ok.  It […]

Red’s All Natural Burritos/Burrito Bowls – Review

Steak Burrito Bowl

As you all know, I love Mexican food.  I love all things Mexican and I won’t discriminate.  The problem is that not all Mexican food is good for you or good for your waistline.  Have you ever looked at the burritos you can buy in the grocery store that are super cheap?  Don’t.  You will […]

Video Diary Entry #90

Today was a lazy Spring Break day.  I have been keeping my eating on track so that is a success!  The pollen here is so bad…like the worst is has been in the past two years.  Disgusting… I put up my weigh in post and a post about leggings.  You should check them out.  Then, […]

Just Live Leggings

Just Live Leggings

Exercise is so important now that summer is just around the corner!  Although the pollen is at an all time high, I am thankful to have a treadmill I can walk/run on.  I don’t know about you but I love a good pair of leggings.  Being the “not so skinny” self that I am, I […]

Lazy Weight Gain – Weekly Weigh In

Weekly Weigh In April 6, 2015

I ate fast food last week…a lot!  I can’t really tell you why except I was lazy. I didn’t walk last week…at all.  I can’t really tell you why except I was lazy. I didn’t track last week…maybe a little.  I can’t really tell you why except I was lazy. Moral of the story…you be […]

Video Diary Entry #89

I’m back!  Sorry I did not do a video the past few days.  The days got away from me and at night, I just didn’t have it in me!  I will try to pick up with the consistency again! My weigh in was expected on Monday.  I will share more with you on that later […]

Video Diary Entry #88

Happy Good Friday!  It was a great day!  Today was the last day before Spring Break!  I am excited to tackle my to-do list but sad that I won’t be going to Florida like I have the last 7 years. We went to church tonight and had a great day!  I am also excited to […]